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‘Queen Of The Conquered’ Serves Revenge With Delicacy And Savagery

In their new novel, Kacen Callender builds a vast, immersive landscape based on the colonial history of the Caribbean, but it's their morally conflicted heroine who will really hook readers.

(Image credit: Orbit)

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What’s Good, What’s Bad And What’s Back On Disney+

The Disney streaming service premiered this week with a combination of existing content from several giant brands, new originals and technical difficulties.

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A Tiny Thai Restaurant In Remote Greenland Serves Up Spice (And Whale Skin Soup)

When Suriya Paprajong arrived in Greenland in 2001, he didn't even have a coat. These days, his eatery in Qaqortoq, population 3,000, is a local favorite, melding Thai flavors with an Arctic twist.

(Image credit: Claire Harbage/NPR)

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Actor Willem Dafoe Reflects On A Career Of Being A ‘Good Bad Guy’

Dafoe has played villains, soldiers, van Gogh and Jesus. He's earned four Oscar nominations and appeared in more than 100 films — including, most recently, Motherless Brooklyn and The Lighthouse.

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‘The Great Pretender’ Investigates A Landmark Moment In Psychiatric History

In the '70s David Rosenhan and seven "pseudopatients" went undercover in mental health wards. Their resulting article rocked the psychiatric world. But Susannah Cahalan struggled to confirm the facts.

(Image credit: Grand Central Publishing )

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‘Mama Hissa’s Mice’ Creep Through A Dystopian Future Kuwait

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Let’s Play Ball! Share Your Sports-Inspired Poems

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What Happens To Your Used Stuff? ‘Secondhand’ Tells Of A Billion-Dollar Industry

As "traditional bonds disintegrate in the face of industrialization, urbanization, and secularization, brands and objects become a means to curate and project who we are," writes reporter Adam Minter.

(Image credit: Bloomsbury Publishing)

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How Internet Trolls And Online Extremists Are ‘Hijacking’ American Politics

New Yorker staff writer Andrew Marantz spent years with far-right online extremists, embedding with them and watching them spread false news by exploiting social media. His new book is Antisocial.

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Disney+ Brings A Catalog Of Old And New Gems To Streaming

Not surprisingly, Disney+ streaming service offers an array of Disney, Marvel, Pixar and Star Wars features. What's less expected — and maybe even more welcome — is its menu of new programming.

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