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Newark’s Arts Institutions Shut Down. Its Artists, However…

Newark’s artists have applied their imagination to both cope with the time and seize its possibilities. Many have been documenting public and personal lives, and some have contributed their skills to activist campaigns. Their output is now coming into view in multiple forms, including exhibitions — online and getting ready for in-person reopening — as well as zines, posters, and... | Read More

Seattle Singer Lady A Sticks Up For The Right To Keep Her Name

The black Seattle blues singer has been in talks with the band [formerly known as Lady Antebellum] for weeks about using the name, maintaining that she doesn’t want to share the Lady A brand and that she shouldn’t have to fight to keep a name she’s used for more for 20 years. With a newly filed lawsuit from the band, she now may have to fight in court for it. – Rolling Stone

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LACMA’s Plans For Its New Home Seems To Be Deeply Unpopular. Can Anything Be Done?

COVID-19, unfortunately, has given the nation pause, but for LACMA it may be a blessing, a reason to apply the brakes: the pandemic has opened up time, offering the museum board, the LA County supervisors, and the public the chance to reconsider what everyone already knows is a mistake. According to a recent survey (conducted by a group with which I am involved), only a shocking five percent... | Read More

Britain’s Choirs Are Conducting Tests To See If It’s Safe To Sing

This week, in an operating theatre at the government’s science facility at Porton Down, a small group of guinea-pig choral singers, some professional and some amateur, are taking part in experiments to measure what happens to those aerosols — droplets measuring five-thousandths of a millimetre or less — when they are emitted by the singing voice. – Spectator

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Olympic Ideals Are Great – The Reality Much Less. Is It Time To End The Games?

For the first time, anti-Olympics activists from around the globe are now joining to stand against the Games. Their slogan is “No Olympics anywhere,” and after 200 of them met last summer in Tokyo, one attendee — American Jules Boykoff, who teaches politics and government at Pacific University in Oregon — summed up the ills of the Olympics in a neat list: “overspending,... | Read More

NYC Nightlife Shut Down And It’s Hard To See It Coming Back Any Time Soon

“Even if you had a hundred people in a space that’s supposed to be 200, are they really going to keep six feet apart? A lot of people expect a nightclub to feel a certain way and have a certain kind of energy. If we are going to reopen at a reduced capacity it will have a different feeling, it will have a different vibe to it.” – Politico

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Walt Disney World Reopening Gets Mixed Reviews

Some social media users took aim at the cheery “Welcome Back” videos Disney put out ahead of its world resort’s reopening. Remixing the park footage with eerie music, including the opening theme from horror classic The Shining, they reimagined Disney’s reopening as a sign of a dystopian present. – Deadline

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Eleanor Sokoloff, 106, Taught At Curtis For Eight Decades

Mrs. Sokoloff taught at Curtis longer than any other professor in the conservatory’s history, and more than anyone else, she was its gracious — if sharp-witted — personification. – Philadelphia Inquirer

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Comedy’s Pretty Darn Big Racism Problem

Let’s be honest about LA’s Upright Citizens Brigade and the Groundlings, say BIPOC comedians: “The self-perpetuating white power structure fostered by these institutions led to the belittling and marginalizing of diverse voices, racial bias in voting for team members, and lip service to the concept of inclusion while providing little mentorship or paths for advancement to... | Read More

Shooting A Sex Scene During A Global Pandemic Isn’t Easy

What’s safe now? Uh, mannequins. “We’ve had a lot of strange looks and questions like, Do you really want to do this? … But everyone is game. They are getting their first latex kiss.” – The New York Times

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