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Why Australian Ballet Dancers Stopped Stretching

A decade long study at The Australian Ballet has delivered some surprising results as to what works in stretching and what is actually damaging to the body and increasing the risk of injury. This statement to ‘not stretch’ is proving highly controversial to what has been seen as ‘common practice’ in dance studios globally for generations.   – Dance Informa

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‘This Is One Of The Best Times Ever To Be A Black Creative’ In Theatre, Says One Of UK’s Top Directors

Kwame Kwei-Armah, artistic director of the Young Vic in London (and former artistic director of Center Stage in Baltimore): “People are listening in a way they didn’t 10 years ago, 20 years ago, and history has taught us that they certainly didn’t listen any time before that.” – Backstage

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Report: A Crisis In Local News Threatens America’s Civic Life

While the disruption has hampered the ability of newsrooms to fully cover communities, it also has damaged political and civic life in the United States, the report says, leaving many people without access to crucial information about where they live. – The New York Times

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New Global Version Of EU’s ‘European Capital of Culture’

The World Performing Arts Capitals, a joint project of the International Theatre Institute and UNESCO, “twin a major metropolis like London or New York with a smaller city or town, similar to those selected for the European Capitals of Culture, or a major city with limited budget as found in Africa, Latin America, Asia and parts of Europe.” (Another report says that the first two... | Read More

Formal ‘Directing Nudity And Simulated Sex’ Guidelines Created For British Filmmakers

“Launched by Directors UK, the professional association for screen directors, the guidelines were, according to the organization, ‘born of the need to set clear and shared professional expectations that apply to everyone involved in making sensitive content, with the aim that they will become standard working practice within the industry.'” – The Hollywood... | Read More

Where’s The Stolen Gold Toilet? There Are Few Clues But Lots Of Theories

“The police are still looking for the missing john — an artwork called America by Maurizio Cattelan — but, so far, they remain empty-handed. … Six people had been arrested in connection with the theft, only to be released later without charge.” Local residents have any number of ideas about what’s happened to America, and the common thread to all of them is that no one... | Read More

Stolen Gold Toilet Inspires Ad Campaign For Art Insurance

“Arte Generali saw a solid gold opportunity to penetrate the Italian art market, … [with an ad campaign that] features artist Maurizio Cattelan clowning around in the buff with only oversized paper cutouts of his works — including the missing toilet — to protect him.” (includes video) – Hyperallergic

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Former Baltimore Mayor Indicted For Fraud And Tax Evasion Over Her Self-Published Children’s Books

“An 11-count federal indictment accuses Catherine Pugh of arranging fraudulent sales of her Healthy Holly books to schools, libraries and a medical system to enrich herself, promote her political career and fund her run for mayor.” – Yahoo! (AP)

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‘Climate Emergency’ Is Oxford Dictionaries’ 2019 Word Of The Year

“Defined as ‘a situation in which urgent action is required to reduce or halt climate change and avoid potentially irreversible environmental damage resulting from it’, Oxford said the words soared from ‘relative obscurity’ to ‘one of the most prominent – and prominently debated – terms of 2019.’ According to the dictionary’s data, usage of... | Read More

Met Opera’s Credit Is — Not Downgraded, Exactly …

“The Metropolitan Opera has run small deficits for the past two years and faces rising capital expenses — including for the repair of its white travertine exterior — prompting S & P Global Ratings to announce on Wednesday that it was keeping the company’s ‘A’ credit rating but revising its outlook to negative, from stable.” – The New York... | Read More

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