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Unsettling: An E-Book That Forces You To Edit It To Read It

One hundred separate versions have been published online by Editions at Play, a digital publisher that specialises in “books that cannot be printed”. You can read any of the 100 editions for free – but if you’re lucky enough to own one, prepare yourself for some creative destruction: each version can only be passed on to a new owner after it has been modified. Owners must add one word... | Read More

Online Dating Sites Report That What You Read (Or Whether You Read) Makes A Difference In Dating Success

According to eHarmony, women who listed The Hunger Games among their favourite books saw the biggest boost to their popularity, while men who read Richard Branson’s business books were approached most often. The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo was a hit for both genders. But crucially, reading anything is a winning move; men who list reading on their dating profiles receive 19% more messages,... | Read More

Opera’s Diversity Problem Is A Vocal Problem

"These days, the opera field itself is effectively sabotaging the argument that voice type comes first. Opera is increasingly trying to present itself as just another form of drama, a musical equivalent of spoken theater or film, with its cinematic broadcasts and emphasis on younger, more attractive performers. That argument is problematic: Opera isn’t, in fact, equivalent to a TV show and... | Read More

Harvard Makes Big Changes In Its Music Studies Programs

We’ve always had gaps in our education, and I think it’s a little disingenuous to say, “Well, what about Schubert?” What about Tony Conrad? I teach the survey now, and I have never pretended to “cover” things. You don’t cover things when you do a survey, and I tell the students that: we’re going to talk about things that interest me – that’s one thing we’re going to do... | Read More

How Big Is The Online Art Market?

Despite a relative slowdown in the global art market, the online art market grew by 15 percent, to $3.75 billion, last year, according to Robert Read, head of art and private clients for Hiscox. The online art market’s share of the total art market also grew last year, from 7.4 percent in 2015 to 8.4 percent. While that may seem small, it is roughly equivalent to e-commerce sales’ share... | Read More

2017 Index: The Twenty “Most Vibrant” Arts Communities In America

"The overall index is composed of three dimensions: supply, demand, and government support. Supply is assessed by the total number of arts providers in the community, including the number of arts and culture organizations and employees, independent artists, and entertainment firms. Demand is gauged by the total nonprofit arts dollars in the community, including program revenue, contributed... | Read More

Lindsay Pollock Steps Down As Editor Of “Art In America”

Under Pollock’s leadership, Art in America instituted regular features such as artist-designed covers and mini-profiles of up-and-coming artists. She also expanded the magazine’s international coverage, publishing regular reports from far-flung parts of the world in the “Atlas” column.

... | Read More

The Day They Dropped A Piano From The Sky (And Inspired Woodstock?)

Whether Woodstock would have happened without Sky River is, of course, anybody’s guess, but Sky River absolutely would not have happened without an even less-heralded event called the Piano Drop, a one-day Dadaist spectacle held on April 28, 1968, in a tiny town (its population was just 455) northeast of Seattle called Duvall. As the name of the event suggests, the Piano Drop featured a... | Read More

Gustavo Dudamel Makes Rare Statement On Venezuela And Gets Criticized From All Sides

"Opponents of the Maduro regime, which is trying to starve the country into submission, have accused Dudamel of targeting the opposition by failing to name the government as the cause of present miseries. Supporters of the Government are calling him a turncoat. Debate is raging across social media."

... | Read More

How Wikipedia Found Its Way Toward A Definition Of Happiness: 6,000 Edits By 3,000 Users

"In this way, Wikipedia understands something that most philosophers after Socrates didn't - definitions are not static, and cannot be perfected and finalized. They must be constantly challenged, updated, reverted, and discussed. Wikipedia is like a Socratic dialogue on a massive scale." Nikhil Sonnad did a deep dive into the 14 years of edits (some of them pretty ugly) that led to the... | Read More

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