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Performing Arts Company Manager, Miami City Ballet

ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES:Artistic Operations & SupportAct as liaison between dancers and management, relay information daily to Artistic Director and Rehearsal Directors regarding physical condition of dancers, absences, and other information they should be aware of.Create and produce company seasonal and weekly work calendars and participate in all Artistic/Production... | Read More

Mocking Freedom? What To Do With the “Star-Spangled Banner”

My July 4 “More than Music” special for National Public Radio seems to me the hottest radio show

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The Cathedral Climbers Working On Salisbury Cathedral

It is neither practical, nor desirable, to keep erecting scaffolding. “Scaffolding can be intrusive. You have to attach it to the building and you don’t want to do that too often on a historic structure. It’s also demoralising for the public and fundraisers to see scaffolding.” Instead, the climbers are called in. – The Guardian

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After 51 Years, A Boston New Music Institution Calls It Quits

Boston is losing an essential purveyor of invigorating new music — after 51 years, 109 commissions, 20 recordings, and 243 world premieres. Until now, BMV has stood as the country’s oldest professional ensemble dedicated to contemporary music. – Boston Globe

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Movie Theatres Have An Aging Audience Problem

Older audiences will only be around so long. If you teach the rising generation that the theatrical experience is completely extraneous, that experience probably won’t be around for the next one. – Washington Post

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How Lilith Fair Changed Music 25 Years Ago

For the artists and fans who experienced it, Lilith Fair felt revolutionary. It’s success upended concert industry norms and created a new place where female artistry could evolve and flourish. – NPR

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Making an Impact on Elections

Listen to a podcast about Students for Justice. Its activist co-directors, Claire Ullman & Sandra Radoff, speak about what the organization does and how it works.Click to make a donation.

Students for Justice is a nonpartisan, not-for-profit organization. The program was founded in May 2020 to meet two urgent needs—the need to fight voter suppression and apathy, and the... | Read More

Seattle To Remove Two “Culturally Inappropriate” Totem Poles From Pike Place Park

“They don’t tell a story about me or my people, and it really makes me feel less-than because we are being represented by totem poles and teepees and that’s just not who we are as Coast Salish people,” said Puyallup Council member Annette Bryan. – Crosscut

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How MacIntosh’s Iconic Glasgow School Of Art Was Recreated After The Great Fire

Reflecting on the row over the second rebuild plans he describes how an academic, from the school. Professor Ray McKenzie, had said publicly that it “should be left as a ruin” which was “unexpected and had shocked many”. – The Glasgow Herald

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How Exactly Do They Get Fireworks To Create Fancy Shapes In The Sky?

No longer must holiday fireworks look like either meteors or weeping willows. Pyrotechnicians can make the shells show smiley faces, words, and even dandelions and jellyfish (which are very cool). In an interview, pyrotechnician Mike Tockstein explains how these “patterned fireworks” are designed and made. – Salon

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