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The Most-Subscribed Broadcast Network YouTube Channel In The US Is: Telemundo

Eight of Telemundo’s 11 YouTube channels have at least one million subscribers. The mother ship is now at 10.6 million, up from 1 million in 2015, and the next-biggest, one dedicated to court show Caso Cerrado (Case Closed), is approaching the 10 million mark. The total portfolio is at 35 million and counting. – Deadline

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Indie Bookstores Move Online… But Can Their Service Match Amazon?

Customer expectations that independent booksellers will do what a massive online operation does has caused deep frustration. – Publishers Weekly

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A Gallery Of Detroit’s Fabulous 20th Century Ruins

They’re grand spaces now in decay – which gives them altogether another kind of beauty. – The Guardian

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Britain’s Arts Organizations Are Begging For Help. In The Rest Europe, They’re Getting It

In France, Germany, Italy or Belgium, where the arts are heavily subsidized by the state, performing companies and museums can survive with reduced ticket sales. But in Britain, where government funding is much lower and organizations rely on commercial income, most are unprepared for a future in which they can only admit a fraction of their usual audience. – The New York Times

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Researchers: Fans Of Apocalyptic Movies Are More Resilient

The bleak scenarios thrown up by films such as Contagion, from panic buying and isolation to fear of others and fake claims of miracle cures, appeared to help viewers take the outbreak in their stride and work out how best to handle the crisis. – The Guardian

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The Appeal Of Master Classes With The Greats

The classes mix entertainment and education, each one shot in a different location. You can learn basketball on the personal training court of NBA star Stephen Curry, or step into the kitchen of Massimo Bottura, the chef of the three-Michelin-star restaurant Osteria Francescana. “No two classes are remotely the same,” says Rogier, who keeps a wishlist of potential teachers. “Everyone... | Read More

Conscripted To Be Private Bandleader For Central Africa’s Notorious Dictator-Emperor

Back in the late 1960s, Charlie Perrière was a struggling young musician in Bangui, capital of the Central African Republic, and about to leave for Congo when he was personally summoned by President Jean-Bédel Bokassa — the one who later crowned himself Emperor (just like his hero, Napoleon) and fed prisoners to crocodiles and lions. Bokassa told Perrière not to emigrate and subsequently... | Read More

Canada’s Internet Use Has Surged 50 Percent Since COVID

Since physical distancing measures were put in place across the country, internet usage on Shaw’s wireline network has increased by as much as 50 percent overall, and peak usage periods have climbed to twelve hours a day, every day of the week, instead of the usual three or four hours in the evening. – The Walrus

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I Was A Foot Soldier In The Dance Boom Of 1970s New York

Elizabeth Kendall remembers: “SoHo was dance spilling out into life. It was a grimy laboratory of the future. … In SoHo you could get a turnip soup with an asymmetrical bread chunk at an exotically rustic cafeteria named Food. You could climb leaning stairways to see free-form jazz men riffing in lofts. And you could meet other dancers on street corners and converse with them in the... | Read More

Will The Art Gallery System As We Know It Survive?

There’s no reason why the art gallery as we know it, a 19th century invention, should last forever. But there’s also no sign of an alternative on the horizon. As with other small New York businesses that’ve been closed since mid-March, it’s not clear how many galleries will be able to hold out long enough to reopen. – The Nation

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