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The Kinds Of Theatre That Might Work Best Virtually

Plays that explore broken institutions, social unrest, and isolation may be uniquely suited to the Zoom platform with its fractured screen of boxes and its disruptive glitches, hiccups, and delays. – Howlround

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Remembering The Complicated Life Of Stanley Crouch

Many jazz critics avoid hanging out with musicians, usually because they’re afraid of jeopardizing their objectivity. Stanley was different. Not only did he think that spending time with musicians was crucial to understanding their work, he loved being around them. His appetite for the jazz life—for life, generally—seemed to know no limits. Some musicians thought he was full of shit,... | Read More

The Students Left Behind By Virtual Learning

Society’s attention to them has always been spotty, but they had at least been visible—one saw them on the way to school, in their blue or burgundy uniforms, or in the park and the playground afterward. Now they were behind closed doors, and so were we, with full license to turn inward. While we dutifully stayed home to flatten the curve, children like Shemar were invisible. – The... | Read More

Reality Is Always Right. The Problem Is How We Perceive It

Regardless of how you view it, one thing is certain. We have an insatiable desire to fit reality within the limits of our understanding. If we don’t comprehend something, we strive to make it comprehensible. “I don’t know” is a less acceptable answer than “I will figure it out.” It’s unclear whether this attitude is culturally mediated, or if it is drilled deep into our genetic... | Read More

How Wagner Became Part Of Our Baseline DNA

Ross demonstrates how the city you live in, the government you live under, the culture you consume (high and low) and the way you consume it very likely has Wagner molecules in its DNA. – Los Angeles Times

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UK TV Industry Unites To Talk About Reform For Freelancers

For the first time, we are openly acknowledging industry shortcomings, and recognizing that there is work to be done on a range of issues: employment and recruitment practices, workplace culture, race and diversity, bullying and harassment, training and talent progression, new talent, mental health and wellbeing. – Variety

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Say Goodbye To Movie Theatres?

If it takes 18 months, or even longer, for enough Americans to get vaccinated, could Americans simply lose the habit of going to the movies, learning to get their video entertainment from streaming series and their socializing from the backyard? – Washington Post

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Theatre Directors: Some Good Things Will Come Out Of Lockdown

“In the pause, you question things and understand why they happen instead of just going along with it, in terms of structures and roles and pay. It’s going to be a really hard couple of years rebuilding, but there might be positives that come out of it. Well, there will be – because we will see change.” – The Guardian

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Survey: Audiences Are Willing To Pay For Online Performances

Frequent arts attendees’ online engagement with culture has boomed during the lockdown, more than doubling to 59% by July, according to analysis of Indigo’s After The Interval sentiment tracker survey. Altogether, 82% of the 130,00 respondents said they would consider engaging with online events in the future – and 70% were willing to pay to do so. – Arts... | Read More

Judge Blocks Trump’s Ban Of TikTok

The Commerce Department originally set Sept. 20 for the TikTok download ban, citing Trump’s declaration that the Chinese-controlled app represents a threat to U.S. national security. The agency delayed the deadline to Sept. 27, given Trump’s preliminary approval of owner ByteDance’s deal to transfer ownership to American firms including Oracle and Walmart. – Variety

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