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Dean, Antoinette Westphal College of Media Arts & Design

Drexel University seeks a dynamic, entrepreneurial, and strategic leader to serve as Dean of the Antoinette Westphal College of Media Arts & Design (Westphal College).

Drexel University seeks a dynamic, entrepreneurial, and strategic leader to serve as Dean of the Antoinette Westphal College of Media Arts & Design (Westphal College). Reporting directly to the Provost,... | Read More

10,000 Photos Of Alvin Ailey Company Are Now Online

The digitized collection includes 8,288 black-and-white negatives, 2,106 color slides and transparencies, and 339 black-and-white prints depicting the repertory of Alvin Ailey, choreographers, and iconic solo performers the company is known for. Acquired in 2013, the collection is jointly owned by the National Museum of African American History and Culture and Alvin Ailey Dance... | Read More

Association of Performing Arts Professionals Seeks President and CEO

The President and CEO will be a dynamic, flexible, and forward-thinking leader and administrator with an exceptional work ethic, passion for the performing arts, and solid experience in managing, mentoring, and motivating staff. This individual will have the ability to inspire those working with them to accomplish APAP’s shared values and objectives. The President and CEO will be... | Read More

Outcry Over “American Dirt” Shows What’s Wrong With The American Publishing Business

The clumsy, ill-conceived rollout of “American Dirt” illustrates how broken the system is, how myopic it is to hype one book at the expense of others and how unethical it is to allow a gatekeeper like Oprah’s Book Club to wield such power. Imagine a publishing industry that dispensed with hit-making, that used the millions of dollars poured into “American Dirt” to invest more... | Read More

Gibney Company General Manager

The Gibney Company General Manager will be responsible for the administrative direction of every aspect of the Company. This position is entrusted to drive the dynamic expansion of the Company through the building of new relationships, partnerships, and entrepreneurial initiatives.


The mission of Gibney... | Read More

Where Broadway’s Super-Fans Are: BroadwayCon

Some arrived in full character for the event, where attendees can meet and take photos with the stars of their favorite shows. Passes range from $80 for one day to $1,000 for a full weekend platinum pass with extra perks. – The New York Times

... | Read More

Boycott Brexit Commemorative Medal Over Lack Of Oxford Comma?

“The ‘Brexit’ 50p coin is missing an Oxford comma, and should be boycotted by all literate people,” wrote the novelist Philip Pullman on Twitter, while Times Literary Supplement editor Stig Abell wrote that, while it was “not perhaps the only objection” to the Brexit-celebrating coin, “the lack of a comma after ‘prosperity’ is killing me”. – The Guardian

... | Read More

America’s New Space Force Logo Seems To Have Been Modeled On Star Trek

The striking resemblance left many critics as stunned as though they had been zapped by Captain Kirk’s phaser. But others online insisted the logo was really based on the US Air Force One. – BBC

... | Read More

So What Is Grime Ballet?

Artistic director Whitley, who has worked with the Royal Ballet and performing arts company Saddler’s Wells, suggests there are “a lot of assumptions” that go with words like grime and ballet and the types of people involved in each. – BBC

... | Read More

Kosher Becomes Croissant

Those nostalgic for the closed Moishe’s Kosher Bake Shop in the East Village may wish to read this. (I walk the other way when nostalgia comes around the corner.) – Jeff Weinstein

... | Read More
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