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Executive Director – National Art Education Association

The Executive Director will champion visual arts educators and the value of visual arts and design education; lead a strategic vision that further strengthens NAEA, supports its members; and assure the long-term growth and impacts of a diverse professional association.

OrganizationThe National Art Education Association (NAEA) advances visual arts education to fulfill human... | Read More

Are Trigger Warnings At Theatres Useful Context Or…

As part of his PhD research on theatre spectatorship at the University of Toronto, Scott Mealey interviews many audience members and says he’s “shocked” by the level of anxiety many of them “seem to feel as they encounter theatre, especially if it seems unfamiliar in some way. The more I talk about it the more stories people offer me.” – Toronto Star

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Arbitrator: NY City Ballet’s Firing Of Two Dancers Was “Wrong And Unjust”

The two principals, Amar Ramasar and Zachary Catazaro had been dismissed for sharing graphic text messages. An independent arbitrator determined that “while the company was justified in disciplining the two men, suspension was the appropriate action and termination took it too far.” The two will be reinstated. – Dance Magazine

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Alexa! Play HAPPY Music! (And Why That’s A Challenge)

Using your smart speaker to play music is the top use for them. But making music choices useful has been a challenge. “Using voice to sift through and access music may be a relatively new idea, but it’s brought with it an immense technological challenge that streaming companies, record labels and machine-learning start-ups are all reckoning with. Proper use of this new interface and... | Read More

Why Are Many Of Us Obsessed With Reading Books Quickly?

The point is, the act of reading is rarely a simple case of ‘finish one, start another one’—it’s an endless overlapping conversation between reader and page, an imprecise gumbo of genres and moods and facts and jokes and… cliffhangers. – Melville House

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People Still Want To See Inside Fragile Historical Buildings. Now They Can… Virtually

Churches damaged by earthquakes, buildings ravaged by fire. It’s too dangerous for visitors to enter, or perhaps the site will be damaged by visits. Now a trove of 3D models has been put online so you can explore… – The Guardian

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Off-Label Brand: Why Do Some Writers Look Down On Science Fiction?

Even some writers writing science fiction get a bit cranky when you label is such… – The Guardian

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John Cameron Mitchell’s New Podcast Has A Galaxy Of Stars And A Singing Brain Tumor

Anthem: Homunculus “is not the first podcast musical to be released. And though it contains a love ballad from a brain tumor to its host, it may not even be the strangest. But it is probably the most ambitious and, with a cast that includes [Patti] LuPone, Glenn Close, Cynthia Erivo, Marion Cotillard and Laurie Anderson (as the tumor), certainly the starriest.” – The New... | Read More

In The Early 20th Century, Birmingham AL Had 20 Theatres In Five Blocks. Then…

They closed from neglect. Most were abandoned or turned into storefronts. Now, one-by-one they’re being restored and reopened. It’s quite grand. – BBC

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‘A Republic Of Readers’: Mexico’s New Chief Literary Minister (Yes) Is A Bomb-Thrower Who Aims To Transform Its Book Industry

The Fondo de Cultura Económica is a huge government-funded publishing house, influential throughout the Spanish-speaking world, and its boss basically is Mexico’s minister of literature. And the man whom populist president Andrés Manuel López Obrador chose for the job, famous radical author Paco Ignacio Taibo II, “is a full-time provocateur … imagine a somewhat younger Noam... | Read More

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