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Study: A Dip This Season In Broadway’s Gender Parity Progress

Overall, there has been a dip in representation amongst female directors, with the study finding that women make up 13 percent of the roles available this season, contrasted to a slightly higher number of 18 percent in the last report. Choreographers also saw a decline in women creating works, though the percentage of female writers increased slightly from 82 to 85 percent. – All... | Read More

Colossal Art: Stockhausen’s Astonishing Masterpiece

Alex Ross: “Aus licht” turned out to be the kind of inexplicable marvel that one waits half a lifetime to see. It induced shivers not just in its awesome moments—trumpeters intoning a chorale from balconies; brass players engaging in military-style skirmishes in the aisles; angel voices singing an extraterrestrial liturgy—but also in its unexpectedly intimate passages, its glimpses... | Read More

The Dilemma Of Creative Placemaking

The question of just how to execute creative placemaking without inviting gentrification sits at the forefront of creative placemaking circles. Jamie Hand, a researcher for ArtPlace America, says the friction between placemaking’s benefits and the onrush of gentrifying forces has happened frequently enough to spark vigorous discussion and dialogue on the efforts to walk a tightrope... | Read More

When The Machines Get Smarter Than We Are, Things Will Change

David Chalmers: “Once we have a human-level artificial intelligence, there’s just no doubt that it will change the world. A.G.I.s are going to be beings with powers initially equivalent to our own and before long much greater than our own. To that extent, I’m on board with people who say that we need to think hard about how we design superintelligence in order to maximize good... | Read More

America’s Museums Have Become A Political Battleground

Once ivory towers of culture, far removed from politics and controversy, museums have increasingly come into the spotlight as sites of protest and places where equity, diversity, and inclusion have become imperatives. – ARTnews

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When Zeffirelli Went Wrong At The Opera

He was all about the lavish set. At their best, his productions induced gasps. But ultimately, these stagings were not just singer- and conductor-proof. They were drama-proof, almost like a parody of opera. – The New York Times

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The Welsh Language Is Becoming (Could It Really Be?) Cool

There are Welsh-language songs and TV series racking up remarkable streaming numbers, the number of speakers has increased by 20% over the last decade, and people who’ve never been to Wales are learning the language using apps. – The Guardian

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Renee Fleming’s Theatre Breakout

The past two years have been busy in the theatre, with non-operatic roles, some time in Carousel, and currently in The Light in the Piazza. – The Guardian

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At This Ballet School, They Are Empowering Their Students With Important Life Skills

“The after-school program at the Thomas Armour Youth Ballet in South Miami … provides ballet, reading, math and etiquette classes along with access to mental health professionals. The program delivers professionally taught dance classes in multiple genres, at little or no cost to 500 students ages 5-11.” – Miami Herald

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Ruth Bader Ginsburg Goes To Broadway To See “What The Constitution Means To Me”

Ginsburg got a standing ovation when her famous line about women on the Supreme Court was said by a cast member: “When will there be enough women on the court? My answer is, when there are nine.” – CNN

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