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We Still Don’t Know How Gravity Works

We can calculate what gravity does — whether to a cup elbowed off the edge of a table or the disk of light bent around a black hole — but we still don’t have a clue what causes it. – Washington Post

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Placido Domingo’s Response to Accusations Lands With A Thud

“I think that to him, in his head, he was just a big star and everyone wanted him. And to the rest of us he was just, you know, this creepy guy that could make or break your career.” – Los Angeles Times

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The Segment That Cost Jimmy Kimmel Live! A Huge FCC Fine

Jimmy Kimmel Live! was fined $350,000 by the FCC for a sketch about the presidential alert system. – New York Magazine

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Beethoven’s Revolution (But What Kind?)

Beethoven’s political engagement is indisputable, but whether it finds direct expression in his work – aside from dedications and commissions – is a sticky topic. – New Statesman

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Beware The Literary Scammers

“He would reject work, but praise the writing. His form rejections included a note: “It happens that I am both the editor of the Blue Moon and also the head of a critical revision business. If you have your manuscript revised I, as editor of the Blue Moon, shall then be glad to consider your story for publication in the magazine.” More than 30 writers agreed. Jessup took their... | Read More

San Diego Symphony To Break Ground On Year-Round Outdoor Venue

The project reached its crescendo, transitioning from theoretical to actual, last month when the Port of San Diego agreed to lease a 3.68-acre site on Embarcadero Marina Park to the symphony for up to 50 years. The agreement was the last regulatory action needed for the symphony’s long-planned outdoor facility, which will serve as the permanent home of the Bayside Summer Nights concert... | Read More

So Now We Have Augmented Reality Art In Real Spaces. What’s It Like?

“What mobile AR adds is the ability to changefocus by actively moving around a simulated object in real space. The technology wants you to do that. So it may just not be the ideal way to experience anything that requires any degree of sustained focus, like a poem or a performance.” – Artnet

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How Napoleon Used Theatre To Legitimize Himself As Emperor

From one year to the next, he manipulated the Comédie-Française, selecting plays and scheduling performances on or around his birthday (which fell, conveniently, on a major Catholic feast) to give himself (born into minor Corsican nobility) the aura of a divinely appointed monarch. – History Today

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This Public Radio Station Created A Journalism School… For Its Listeners

Roughly 100 people, most of them St. Louis Public Radio members and supporters, paid $120 to attend. They visited St. Louis Public Radio’s community room in the city’s downtown Grand Center neighborhood to participate in evening sessions hosted by journalists from outlets across the region. Topics included serious issues like media literacy and libel law and lighter fare like food... | Read More

Mini Cardboard Theatres: How The 19th-Century English Bourgeoisie Staged Plays At Home

“The characters were laid out on sheets of paper, frozen in dramatic poses … [and] the sets [were] storybook illustrations of extravagant palaces and howling wildernesses, to be slotted in and out of the back of the theater, behind the cavorting characters. The scripts that came with them were as miniaturized as the stage.” – JSTOR Daily

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