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Hollywood Utterly Relies On Franchises – And Some Of Them Aren’t Doing So Well

A number of series, including 'Pirates of the Caribbean,' have practically collapsed on arrival in the past few months. Can Hollywood survive? (And which franchises will help?)

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The Actor Who Gave Up Acting For Massage, And Then Got Pulled Back In, Only To Win Glory At Cannes

Arnaud Valois didn't expect much from the new film "120 Beats Per Minute." Indeed, "after shooting the film last year, he returned to the Montorgueil area, his sophrology and his clients. (They all went on hiatus during filming, he said, and they all returned when he came back.) His practice 'helped me to not have a baby blues after the shooting,' he said. 'Starting something real and simple.... | Read More

Trolls Piled On This Independent Bookstore In Australia, But Australia’s Literary World Fought Back

Men's rights "swamp monsters" hastened to chastise the store for one of its Facebook posts, giving it a ton of one-star reviews overnight. Then customers, and a flood of others, overwhelmed the one-star reviews with five-star reviews. The bookstore has a special ethos: "'We are first and foremost a community space with a strong set of beliefs and values, with a community who shares those... | Read More

Liu Xiaobo, Chinese Dissident And Nobel Laureate, Is Released From Prison Because Of Late-Stage Cancer

The Chinese government has kept the writer imprisoned for much of his adult life. "At 61 years old, Liu is perhaps known best for his role in the 1989 student-led protests in Tiananmen Square, in which hundreds of demonstrators were killed while demanding democratic reform in China. In addition to delivering passionate speeches, Liu and his colleagues organized a three-day hunger strike and... | Read More

The Journalist Who Reshaped Media In The 20th Century – And Has Since Been Forgotten

Lowell Thomas, the first newscaster voice most Americans (and British people) heard on their first radios, "helped pioneer a more sober style of journalism. Lowell quickly realized that there were people among his hundreds of thousands and then millions of listeners who would write letters and complain to his network if he got things wrong. Because [the radio broadcast] had so many listeners... | Read More

A Pakistani Filmmaker Tells Some Very Personal Stories Of Partition – And Worries That She’ll Be Shut Down

Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy's latest work, an art exhibit for the Manchester international festival, brings the 1947 partition of India to full and painful life. She knows it's intense: "This is personal. It’s an ode to my grandparents’ generation. How did it feel that, when you left your home, it not only stopped being your home, but became part of an enemy country?"

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The Strange Story Of The New American Writers Museum

"An Irish former trade association head, a German lawyer and a native-born business executive, all residents of Washington and not an author among them, decide to create a museum dedicated to American writers. In Chicago, where two of them have never lived. ... The American Writers Museum lacks a resident curator. And a permanent collection of artifacts, the stuff that generally creates a... | Read More

Herman Hesse’s Novel Demian Is Unbelievably Popular In Korea

The 1919 novel about a young German man rebelling and trying to find himself - and then going to war - resonates strongly. "In Korea it has attained such cultural importance that critic Lee Dong-jin, host of the Red Book Room podcast, can make this pronouncement: 'There are two kinds of people: those who read Demian, and those who don’t.' Given the enduring presence of the book on their... | Read More

20 Years Ago This Week, The U.S. Supreme Court Made Rule 34 Possible

"Twenty years ago [Monday] the Supreme Court issued a landmark decision and unanimously overturned congressional legislation that made it unlawful to transmit 'indecent' material on the Internet if that content could be viewed by minors. The justices ruled that the same censorship standards being applied to broadcast radio and television could not be applied to the Internet." David Kravets... | Read More

Why Is Yo-Yo Ma Devoting So Much Time To Outreach In Chicago?

"I love the city. There's a lot of depth, a lot of pride in the way the city operates, and the institutions here are fabulous. ... I am particularly interested in this third of the country because I think that third has a deep soul, and the soul of the country in many ways stems from what happens here."

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