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Justin Peck: A Choreographer for Right Now

The ballet field is fond of pinning their hopes on the next great choreographer who will lead this astonishing art form into the future.... | Read More

Wonder Girl: Texas Ballet Theater’s Carolyn Judson on Alice in Wonderland

Texas is having an Alice boom with Ballet Austin performing Septime Weber’s Alice on May 12-14 at The Long Center and Texas Ballet Theater performing Stevenson’s Alice, May 19-21 at Bass Performance Hall in Fort Worth, and June 2-4 at Winspear Opera House in Dallas. ... | Read More

Texas Early Music Project Bridges Past and Present

Iberian monophony, Notre Dame polyphony, Medieval mystery plays, Renaissance madrigals, Baroque operas, French virelai, Spanish villancico, Italian frottola, Scottish ballades, Sephardic love songs, and much more—early music encompasses a dazzling wealth of forms and styles. ... | Read More

A First Look: The Museum of Street Culture’s Permanent Collection

Museums are ultimately defined by the distinctiveness of their collections. With a constantly growing diverse selection of art, Dallas’ new Museum of Street Culture challenges the idea of what a museum can be, positioning itself at the crossroads of social purpose and culture.... | Read More

Dean’s Show: Is Paul Ramírez Jonas’s CAMH Survey Really His?

Mid-career retrospectives have a way of messing with their subjects’ heads. When you’re used to always thinking about the next project, looking back on decades’ worth of work can produce as much anxiety as nostalgia.... | Read More

Ancient Roads: Shank’s Mare at Asia Society Texas Center

The metaphor that life is a journey, a road we trek, and the decisions we make, the diverging paths we must choose, is probably almost as old as roads themselves, and an analogy not confined to any one culture or era. ... | Read More

Soli Chamber Ensemble Concludes Season Under the Ligurian Sun

The shift may not have been conscious, violinist Ertan Torgul says, but he sees it clearly. After 20-plus years of performing new music, San Antonio's Soli Chamber Ensemble is gravitating toward composers who bridge genres —mixing the classical tradition with jazz, rock or whatever else resonates with them. To them, music is music.... | Read More

Fire & Water: HGO Triumphs with Götterdämmerung

Houston Grand Opera has done it! The realization of Richard Wagner's epic Ring Cycle, the single most challenging and monumental artistic undertaking in the opera company's history, culminated with full force in the cathartic fourth and final installment Götterdämmerung (Twilight of the Gods).... | Read More

Louis Kahn: The Power of Architecture

Despite an output that was relatively small, Louis Kahn is one of the most important architects of the 20th century. Louis Kahn: The Power of Architecture, the first major retrospective of his work in two decades, is on view through June 25 at the Kimbell Art Museum in Fort Worth, a building he designed which is recognized as one of the most significant works of modern and contemporary... | Read More

Straight White Men at Second Thought Theatre

The premise of Young Jean Lee’s Straight White Men, a play currently having its area premiere at Second Thought Theatre, can be neatly summed up like this: in the 21st century, its complicated to be a straight white man.... | Read More
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