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Sappers and Miners: Kelli Vance at Cris Worley

The women in Sappers and Miners, Kelli Vance’s new show of paintings on view through June 17 at Chris Worley Fine Arts, are preparing for a kind of war. Vance depicts her young soldiers in various modes of spiritual training. ... | Read More

In the Garden: Zimbabwean Sculpture at the Dallas Arboretum

Placed strategically throughout the lushly-landscaped grounds of the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden is a selection of sculptures of African women, birds, safari wildlife and abstracted forms. ... | Read More

Live Data: Clay Odom Represents Austin in UNESCO Media Arts Exhibition

City as the “common denominator” is the main consideration of DATA CITY, an international UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization) exhibition of new media installations by artists from members of the organization’s Creative Cities Network (UCCN). Austin artist and designer Clay Odom has been invited to represent the Texas state capital.... | Read More

Growing from Within: Bruce Wood’s Legacy Alive in Journeys

Three years after the death of choreographer Bruce Wood, his Dallas dance company is thriving. That’s not something anyone could’ve assumed at the time, even the people now building on his considerable body of work so well.... | Read More

Dallas Children’s Theater Mufaro Returns Home after National Tour

At first, the schoolchildren who are filing into Dallas City Performance Hall with wide eyes and the occasional giggly outburst might seem excited simply to be out of the classroom and on a field trip. ... | Read More

What is left of me: Ambreen Butt at Dallas Contemporary

Ambreen Butt’s decorative installations are beautiful on the surface however, upon closer inspection, the works reveal themes of violence and political oppression. Her exhibition, What is left of me, is on view thru Aug. 20 at Dallas Contemporary.... | Read More

Breaking Stereotypes with a Smile: Danielle Georgiou’s Donkey Beach

Danielle Georgiou’s current obsession is the Disney Channel musical Teen Beach Movie.... | Read More

Texas Studio: Regina Agu

Regina Agu sits, poker straight, on the lumpy coffee shop couch where we meet to discuss her current projects. ... | Read More

It Happened in Texas: A New Take on Inherit the Wind at DTC

It’s difficult to imagine a time when all professional theater in the country emanated from New York. It might be even harder to believe this centralization of theatrical production first began to change in Dallas, Texas. ... | Read More

Unwiring from War: Cry Havoc at Houston’s 4th Wall Theatre

Can performing Shakespeare become a form of therapy that allows actor and audience to find and help heal psychological injuries?... | Read More
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