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The Best Crochet Pattern Books for Creating Brilliant Designs and Whimsical Objects

Find your creative zone by crocheting fun garments, plushies, dollies, and more. All you need to crochet is a crochet hook and yarn; it’s inexpensive and portable. Pattern and stitch books ensure success, guiding in selection and use of crochet hooks and yarns. Also, the rhythmic nature of crocheting may reduce stress and keep fingers nimble and quick. Finished crochet projects make great... | Read More

The Best Chunky Merino Wool for Textile Artworks

Plush and squeezable, the wool of prized Merino sheep makes a popular type of yarn that is simply a pleasure to touch. It is particularly well suited to creating blankets and cozy wearables and accessories like sweaters and hats. And in heavier weights, it also knits up really quickly. Whether you are new to needlecraft or a seasoned blanket maker, our picks will help you find your next go-to... | Read More

The Best Craft Kits for Hours of Creative Activities

Arts and crafts not only help kids spend time away from screens, they also encourage them to learn new skills and think inventively. There are a lot of creative kits available for young ones to try on their own or with friends, from guided activities to open-ended art-making sessions. Whether your child is a budding artist or someone who loves any kind of hands-on learning, there’s an artsy... | Read More

The Best Canvas Zipper Bags for Keeping Supplies and Tools

If you often feel overwhelmed by the amount of art supplies or tools you own, you might need a new system for organizing them. Small bags are a great way to store and protect your possessions, as they not only keep things in one place but are also easily portable. Bags made of canvas are a smart option, as they are lightweight and not overly precious. Create your own miniature tool kit with... | Read More

The Best Chunky Glitter for Artistic and Cosmetic Uses

Glitter is an instant mood lifter—adding a little shine to a thank-you card, your nails, or your hair will leave you scintillated and well satisfied. While small glitter can cast delicate brilliance, chunky glitter sparkles while showcasing creative designs: These larger particles often come in fun shapes and are easier to arrange in patterns. Get ready to dazzle with our picks below.

... | Read More

The Best Clipboard Cases for Storing Artworks and Supplies

Get the most out of your clipboard with a case-style model. Store paperwork, writing utensils, office supplies, and anything else you may need at hand inside a clipboard case’s hinged compartment. Useful for artists, students, teachers, and office workers alike, clipboard cases serve the same purpose as a briefcase or portfolio, while providing all the advantages of a traditional clipboard.... | Read More

The Best Chunky Yarn for Knitting, Weaving, Crocheting, and More

Choose yarn with some heft. Great for loom weaving, knitting, crocheting, and felting, chunky yarn is ultra versatile and easy to work with. Jumbo-weight yarn has taken the knitting world by storm, thanks to the wildly popular arm-knitting trend. Beginners will love the fast-paced nature of working with chunky yarn, and experts will appreciate the variety of projects and patterns the material... | Read More

Amid Layoffs and Turmoil, Philadelphia Museum of Art Workers Vote to Unionize

Workers at the Philadelphia Museum of Art voted on Thursday to unionize, in a move that has led to the formation of one of the biggest labor groups of its kind at an American art institution. The vote occurred just two days after the museum announced a major round of layoffs, cutting its staff by 85 employees, or roughly 23 percent of its workforce.

According to a release put out by the... | Read More

The Best Craft Sticks for Countless DIY Projects

Craft sticks, also called Popsicle sticks, are a DIY staple. Arguably one of the most versatile crafting materials around, you can use craft sticks to make birdhouses, model houses, model airplanes, puppets, bookmarks, picture frames, lampshades, planters, candleholders, gardening labels, and more. Cover them in glitter, paint, or varnish for a custom finish, or leave them untreated for a... | Read More

The Best Computer Key Brushes for Cleaning Hard-to-Reach Spots

How many times have you pressed down on the space bar and received no response from your computer? And then again, nothing. How about the “S” key? Or the hard return? It’s happened to the best of us and, might we add, always seems to occur when we are most in need of that one finishing sentence. Odds are, it’s because your keyboard is dirty, and some piece of fuzz or (perhaps more... | Read More

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