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Phillips ‘New Now’ Sale Brings Fierce Competition for Newcomers at the Auction Block

At Phillips’s latest sale in a series known as “The New Now,” which typically spotlights rising talents, familiar names like KAWS, Keith Haring, and Sterling Ruby dominated. But it was a lineup of newcomers that shined most brightly at the auction, which was held in New York on Tuesday.

“The New Now” has historically been a way to court competition among... | Read More

Jeff Sonhouse’s Latest Exhibition at the Zidoun-Bossuyt Gallery

Jeff Sonhouse’s portraits of Black men exude an aura of mystery tempered by hints of ironic humor. Throughout his paintings, Sonhouse explores how notions of African-American masculinity are constructed, performed, and interpreted within Western culture. His impeccably coiffed figures often sport dapper suits and accessories; but invariably, their lineaments are partly concealed behind... | Read More

Gray Areas: Artists on Jasper Johns

“It may be a great work of his to have brought doubt into the air that surrounds art.” Jasper Johns wrote these words in A.i.A.’s July/August 1969 issue, for a remembrance of Marcel Duchamp, who had died the previous year. Perhaps the most significant heir to Duchamp’s legacy, Johns took up the doubt in the air around art in his early works of the 1950s and set about working through... | Read More

Delmes & Zander, Beloved German Gallery That Championed the Under-Recognized, to Close

The German gallery Delmes & Zander, which is known for its cutting-edge presentations of self-taught art, will close by the end of October. The Cologne-based outfit had been in business for more than three decades and in that time had developed a cult following for its offbeat exhibitions, many of them focused on artists who have yet to enter the canon.

“While societal... | Read More

Lost Maya Neighborhood Is a Mini Replica of Teotihuacan Citadel, New Research Finds

Archaeologists have discovered a new neighborhood in the ancient Maya city of Tikal. The site located in present-day Guatemala has been the subject of thorough excavations since the 1950s, but a new study published in Antiquity reveals a crucial lost section of the city.

Using light detection and ranging software known as lidar, researchers found a previously overlooked complex in what... | Read More

How I Made This: Ron Nagle’s New Ceramic Sculptures

Although Ron Nagle has been among the best-known ceramic artists of the past six decades, the subject of clay technique seems to make him a bit cranky. “I don’t mind talking about the creative process,” he says, “but not when it’s limited to how did you achieve this or that effect, or let’s have a raku party. I mean, that’s all bullshit to me.”

Of course, anyone looking... | Read More

Breaking the Master’s Tools: Ilana Harris-Babou at the ICA Chattanooga

“I always make sure I take an ashquavanga [sic] multivitamin, and I wash it down with Pepsi,” a woman says while gazing into her mirror in one of Ilana Harris-Babou’s videos, titled Decision Fatigue (2020). The artist’s works target whitewashed, upper-middle-class aesthetics and sensibilities by coldly skewering influencer culture and aspirational brands—parodying cooking shows,... | Read More

The Most Expensive Works by Mark Rothko Sold at Auction

Mark Rothko’s abstractions, recognizable for their rectangularly shaped floating forms and thin washes of color, have been said by critics and historians to invoke the metaphysical. The Russian-American painter relied on these formal elements to imbue his canvases with grand meaning. He famously remarked his works comprise the basic tenets of human feeling: “tragedy, ecstasy,... | Read More

Muhammad Ali Artworks to Auction, Jeff Koons on His BMW Design, and More: Morning Links for September 29, 2021

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A WEDNESDAY AUCTION ROUND-UP: A New York judge ruled that Sotheby’s must face a lawsuit brought by the state’s attorney general that alleges it helped a collector avoid sales taxes, Reuters reports. In ARTnews, Andy Battaglia looks at how houses are... | Read More

AI Tech Casts Doubt on Rubens Painting, ‘Whitest White’ Paint Invented, and More: Morning Links for September 27, 2021

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The Headlines

THE GENUINE ARTICLE? On Friday, the Vatican Museums opened a tantalizing show with a lengthy title: “Saints Peter and Paul by Raphael and Fra Bartolomeo: An Homage to the Patrons of Rome.” It unites two paintings of the Apostles that Fra... | Read More

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