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Recent and early works by Patricia Nix on view in ‘American Baroque’ at the Boca Raton Museum of Art

Always searching for the magic in an object, Patricia Nix has worked since the early 1950s to create a staggering oeuvre of works of art. The range of her artistic expression and development is inspired by her ironic and psychological interpretations of the material she collects – sometimes tawdry, often strange, and occasionally making reference to her native Texas. From these she... | Read More

Special exhibition for 10 years of the International Slavery Museum

The International Slavery Museum in Liverpool revealed the first of its major 10th anniversary events with the opening of a brand new exhibition, Ink and blood: Stories of abolition, on Monday 21 August. The anniversary exhibition explores abolition (the ending of slavery) and reveal the lives, losses, and triumphs of the people it affected in the 18th and 19th centuries and their later freedom.... | Read More

Past masters: Saving Afghanistan’s artisans from extinction

Ceramics, carpentry, calligraphy and gem cutting: centuries of Afghan craftmanship honed on the ancient Silk Road are being preserved in Kabul, a rare success story for an aid project in the war-torn country that organisers are now hoping to replicate with refugees from Syria. In the sixteen years since the fall of the Taliban, the Turquoise Mountain foundation has found some of Afghanistan's... | Read More

Paintings attributed to Monet and Van Gogh each bring $96,000 at Woodshed Art Auctions

A tempera on paper painting attributed to Claude Monet (1840-1926), titled Study for Gare Saint-Lazare, and a tempera and gouache on paper attributed to Vincent Van Gogh (1853-1890), titled Morning, Going to Work, each soared to $96,000 in Woodshed Art Auctions’ Prestige Collection sale, a 65-lot internet-only fine art auction that ended on July 26th. The Monet was the auction’s... | Read More

Wasserman Projects presents first exhibition in an ongoing series of curatorial collaborations

Wasserman Projects is presenting to Have+Hold, the first exhibition in an ongoing series of curatorial collaborations with Michigan-based Butter Projects. The partnership supports both entities’ efforts to bring to the light the tremendous creative diversity and ingenuity of artists living in and near Detroit and to foster the exchange of ideas and dialogues between locally and... | Read More

Trees grown from Hiroshima seed bank on view at Selby Gardens

In remembrance of the 72nd anniversary of the atomic bomb falling on the Japanese city of Hiroshima, very young saplings derived from trees that survived the bombing are being ceremoniously recognized at Selby Gardens. The budding trees – camphor, holly and persimmon – are on public view throughout the month of August. “Botanical gardens bring together science and education in a... | Read More

The Snite Museum of Art reopen this fall within a larger, more prestigious space on the main floor of the museum

The Snite Museum of Art African art collection will reopen this fall within a larger, more prestigious space on the main floor of the museum. The reinstallation will explore themes of power. In the past, African art was often tied into the way African leaders promoted their agendas. Royalty and rulers used art to project their authority; religious groups promoted their faiths; while the wealthy... | Read More

Hammer Museum announces curatorial appointment of Allegra Pesenti

The Hammer Museum announced today the appointment of Allegra Pesenti as Associate Director and Senior Curator of the UCLA Grunwald Center for the Graphic Arts. Pesenti returns to the Hammer where she was the Grunwald Center Curator from 2007 to 2013. Most recently, she served as Chief Curator for the Menil Drawing Institute then as Curator at Large for the Menil Collection. During her time there,... | Read More

KMAC Museum explores Eclipse through art & activities

KMAC Museum is presenting Victory Over the Sun: The Poetics and Politics of Eclipse. "Victory Over the Sun takes into account the cosmic phenomenon and a host of other meanings that are held within the word eclipse," said KMAC Curator Joey Yates. "Artists who engage in acts of silencing, erasing, covering or masking, as well as conceptual gestures related to eclipsed narratives in American art... | Read More

US man charged with plotting to bomb Confederate statue

A 25-year old man who allegedly planned to blow up a Confederate statue in Houston, Texas has been arrested, authorities said Monday, as debate raged in the United States over what to do with the nation's Civil War-era symbols. Houston authorities said they arrested Andrew Schneck, who at the time was toting highly volatile chemical compounds used in bomb-making on Saturday, near the statue of a... | Read More
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