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Tacoma Art Museum celebrates the power and richness of Blackness in new exhibition

Tacoma Art Museum opened its summer exhibition To Sing of Beauty, which focuses on the power, beauty, and richness of Blackness. To Sing of Beauty: Paul Stephen Benjamin and C. Davida Ingram features video installations by Northwest artist C. Davida Ingram and Atlanta-based Paul Stephen Benjamin. “We are thrilled to exhibit our new acquisition of Davida Ingram’s video,” shared... | Read More

Melbourne-based photographer Kate Ballis’ US debut on view at Garis & Hahn

Garis & Hahn is presenting Hypercolour Fantasy: Infra Realism marking Melbourne-based photographer Kate Ballis' US debut and her first solo show with the gallery. The exhibition will open on July 22 and remain on view through August 25, 2018. On Sunday, July 22 the gallery will be open special hours, 12 to 8 PM, in conjunction with the Industrial Street Block Party, with an exhibition... | Read More

Naima Azough appointed to the Rijksmuseum Supervisory Board

Naima Azough (b. 1972 in Asdif, Morocco) was named as the newest member of the Rijksmuseum supervisory board on 4 July 2018. Naima Azough is an independent adviser for social and governmental organisations who has been deeply engaged with social topics throughout her career; she headed two national commissions on human trafficking and prostitution grooming, and directed the care of victim minors.... | Read More

Boers-Li Gallery New York opens summer group show

Boers-Li Gallery New York is presenting Summer Group Show with Liao Guohe, Ou Jin, Tie Ying, Xing Danwen, Xue Feng, Ye Linghan, and Zhang Peili. Works on view include new paintings by Liao Guohe, Ou Jin, Xue Feng, and Ye Linghan, Xing Danwen’s iconic photographic series Urban Fiction (2006), as well as Zhang Peili’s historical installation piece, One Thousandth of One Second to One... | Read More

Gabriel Garzon-Montano, finding escape in magical funk

Gabriel Garzon-Montano's career trajectory a few years ago sounded, to his friends at least, to be the envy of a musician on the make. Still in his mid-20s, the Brooklyn-born singer and multi-instrumentalist driven by the sensibilities of old-school R&B was tapped as Lenny Kravitz's opening act on a tour of Europe and Drake sampled him on one of the hip-hop superstar's number-one albums.... | Read More

Louis Stern Fine Arts presents London in the 60s: Bernard Cohen, Michael Kidner, and Richard Smith

Louis Stern Fine Arts is presenting “London in the 60s: Bernard Cohen, Michael Kidner, and Richard Smith.” Taking place this summer, the exhibition forms half of an exhibition exchange with Flowers Gallery. With concurrent exhibitions in London and Los Angeles, both galleries highlight the various forms of abstract art being made in Britain and Southern California during the 1960s. ... | Read More

Large-scale Installation by Gil Shani on view at the Israel Museum

At the end of the empty entrance hall to the installation Buses is a door leading to a room that looks out on an enclosed space occupied by two parked tourist buses. Why is there a parking garage here? Is this an exit? How did such large buses get in? Has a group of tourists just arrived? Gil Marco Shani’s installation is an architectural intervention implanted in the heart of the Israel... | Read More

PEER presents Smile Please by Simon English, a significant new body of painted drawings and sculpture

PEER presents Smile Please, a significant new body of ‘painted drawings’ by Simon English, accompanied by other recent works on paper and rarely seen sculptural assemblages created by the artist between 2014 and 2018. English’s prolific practice is primarily drawing based. Using ink, pen, graphite and watercolour, he pairs, sequences and arranges these drawings in grids often... | Read More

Dubai collector’s rare Star Wars action figures may bring $360,000 at auction

A prominent collector and Dubai resident is auctioning the world's rarest Star Wars action figure prototypes next month, a 33-piece collection which is estimated to sell for as much as $360,000. The owner, who wishes to remain anonymous, pursued only the rarest examples of the toys released in the late 1970s at the beginning of Star Wars mania. Officially titled "The Dubai Collection," it... | Read More

Freight+Volume opens a large group exhibition curated by Nick Lawrence

Freight+Volume is presenting Summer of Love, a large group exhibition curated by Nick Lawrence which presents the engagements of a diverse body of 100 artists with themes of love and romance, the quandaries of relationships, and sympathetic resonances in the natural world. Spread between the gallery’s downtown (F+V) and uptown (Arts+Leisure) locations, the exhibition traverses generations... | Read More
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