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Christie’s announces the sale of the collection: Paul Destribats, Bibliothèque des avant-gardes

Christie’s’ Books department announced the sale of the collection: Paul Destribats, Bibliothèque des avant-gardes in partnership with the experts Jean-Baptiste de Proyart and Claude Oterelo. This remarkable collection of books and manuscripts was jealously preserved for sixty years – only a few researchers and close friends had access to it. Some books were regularly lent to... | Read More

Exhibition explores personal visions of reality in 20th and 21st-Century America

Hirschl & Adler is presenting its summer exhibition, Reinventing the Real. Featuring over 20 paintings by American artists, Reinventing the Real explores personal visions of reality in 20th and 21st-century American life. With the end of the Victorian era and the ascendancy of the machine age, and with the dark clouds of two world wars and countless international conflicts threatening on the... | Read More

Huntington acquires works by several African American artists, early abstract oils, and a Tiffany chair

The Art Collectors' Council of The Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens funded the purchase of several notable American works at its annual meeting last month, signaling a commitment to grow and diversify The Huntington's holdings of works by modern and contemporary artists while continuing to build its collection of historical art. The Huntington acquired a group of 32... | Read More

Tate Liverpool opens first UK Keith Haring show

Tate Liverpool presents the first major exhibition in the UK of American artist Keith Haring (1958–1990). Keith Haring, 14 June – 10 November 2019, brings together more than 85 works exploring a broad range of the artist’s practice including large-scale drawings and paintings, most of which have never been seen in the UK. Haring was a unique presence in 1980s New York, playing a... | Read More

Door to legendary Berlin techno club gets museum digs

The giant metal entrance door to a legendary techno club in post-Wall Berlin moved into a museum Tuesday as a symbol of the city's rebirth after its Cold War division. The rusty portal to the original Tresor nightclub became the first object for a display about the city at a museum still under construction. The door's journey mirrors Berlin's own turbulent 20th century history. It once sealed the... | Read More

Artist Robert Therrien passes away at the age of seventy-one

Over the past four decades, Robert Therrien (1947-2019) cultivated an expansive vernacular of forms drawn from memory and the everyday. Seemingly simple subjects-including snowmen, bows, and oilcans-acquire multiple levels of reference and association, while outsized sculptures of stacks of plates, tables and chairs, and beards shift between the ordinary and the surreal. The repetitive... | Read More

Gagosian opens an exhibition of works by Ed Ruscha and Louis Michel Eilshemius

Gagosian is presenting Ed Ruscha: Eilshemius & Me, an exhibition of works by Ed Ruscha and Louis Michel Eilshemius (1864–1941). In 2017, Ruscha began Spied Upon Scene, a series depicting majestic mountainscapes that resemble the idyllic ranges of travel books, postcards, adventure movies, or the Paramount Pictures logo. The series descends from his earlier Mountain Paintings, in which... | Read More

London gallery chief quits after Israel spyware report

The head of London's Serpentine Galleries, Yana Peel, resigned on Tuesday following a newspaper report about her links to a controversial Israeli spyware firm. The board of trustees of the contemporary art galleries announced "with a mix of gratitude and regret" that it has accepted Peel's resignation, adding that she would be "sorely missed". In a separate statement carried by The Guardian... | Read More

Lowry’s Cricket Match sells for £1.2 million

This evening, in the midst of the Cricket World Cup fixtures, L.S. Lowry’s charming depiction of a backstreet cricket match in Salford from 1938 sold for £1,155,000 / $1,447,562. A wonderful example of Lowry at his very best, A Cricket Match made its first appearance on the market since it sold at Sotheby’s in June 1996 for £282,000. One of only a handful of occasions when the... | Read More

Rare 18th-century Thai Buddhist manuscripts and Books go on display following restoration.

The Chester Beatty has opened an exhibition of Thai Buddhist manuscripts dating to the 18th and 19th centuries. The world-renowned collection of beautifully illustrated books provides a rare opportunity to explore the Buddhist tales depicted within. Presented as colourful illustrations alongside sacred texts, some of the most popular Buddhist stories within the books are the birth tales of the... | Read More
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