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Fridman Gallery opens an exhibition of works by Phill Niblock

Fridman Gallery is presenting a solo exhibition of the iconic composer, experimental filmmaker, and photographer Phill Niblock. ​Working Photos ​ compiles still photography, video, and minimalist sound works created all over the world throughout his six-decade career. The gallery features many of Niblock’s photographs scored by his drone compositions, editioned prints of his... | Read More

‘Egyptian Mummies: Exploring Ancient Lives’ exhibition extended until March 29, 2020

By popular demand, the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts is extending the run of the exhibition Egyptian Mummies: Exploring Ancient Lives until March 29, 2020. Already seen by over 100,000 visitors, this major exhibition offers a completely new picture of everyday life of six individuals who lived along the Nile between 900 B.C.E. and 180 C.E. using an innovative approach that combines the arts and... | Read More

Incomparable collection of The Getz-McDonagh Dance Library (NYC) to be auctioned Dec. 12

On Thursday, Dec. 12, Quinn’s Auction Galleries will host a single-consignor auction of the Getz-McDonagh Dance Library, a 60-year privately held assemblage of historical literature, correspondence, ephemera and illustrations pertaining to classical dance. Originally known as the Getz Dance Library, in reference to its founder Leslie Getz (1945-2019), it is also known to many in the dance... | Read More

Superhero or supervillain? Technology’s role changes comic books

Comic books have been around since the 1930s, each story taking shape as it moves from its writer to its artists (usually a penciler and an inker) and then to its letterer and colorist. Today, that team effort, which also includes an editor reviewing the work and mindful of deadlines, remains largely the same. But while the way writers and editors work is relatively unchanged, computers and... | Read More

New large-scale works by Julie Buffalohead premiere at the Minneapolis Institute of Art

The Minneapolis Institute of Art is presenting a solo exhibition of new work by St. Paul-based artist Julie Buffalohead. “Storytelling: Julie Buffalohead” unveils three large-scale diptychs—each approximately 12 feet tall by 4 1/2 feet long—and two smaller works, each providing a visual narrative told by animal characters with personhood, agency, and individuality. The... | Read More

In the Jersey suburbs, a bookstore whose vibe is pure Narnia

Montclair Book Center is 35 years old, going on eternity. A ramshackle throwback to a funkier, more literary time, the store has shelves handmade from raw lumber. And its customers and clerks are often just as eccentric as the shelves. I’ve been shopping and snooping there since 1995 and still haven’t exhausted all of this biblioscape’s labyrinths and warrens — some of... | Read More

The Empty Quarter opens ‘The Real Owners of the Planet’ by Björn Persson

Björn Persson is an internationally renowned artist based in Stockholm, Sweden. He has spent many years travelling around the world in search of adventure and spectacular images. His passion for this planet’s beautiful wildlife and humans is reflected in his images. Björn looks upon his work as an art form rather than pure nature and documentary photography. He sees the animals as they... | Read More

HK elections showed ‘great spirit’: dissident artist

Victory in community-level elections in Hong Kong showed the "great spirit" of the pro-democracy movement, according to a Chinese dissident cartoonist whose work has been a feature of the protests. "The result is extraordinary," Badiucao told reporters on Monday during a visit to Berlin where he exhibited some of his politically satirical art in German MP Gyde Jensen's office. The election showed... | Read More

GaHee Park’s first solo show with Perrotin on view in Seoul

Perrotin is presenting We Used to Be Fish, an exhibition by Seoul born New York based-artist, GaHee Park. This is her first solo show with the gallery. In an era where technology has enabled vast new networks of connection, these means of communication are—more-often-thannot—unreliant on physical presence and touch. Our own time could easily be described as a paradoxical heightening... | Read More

Ron Nagle presents a selection of 25 sculptures and drawings at Vienna’s Secession

In the Secession, the San Francisco-based artist presents a selection of 25 sculptures and drawings from recent years. For the past six decades or so, Ron Nagle has been pursuing parallel careers as a sculptor and musician. His small-format ceramic sculptures are simultaneously miniature landscapes, abstract compositions, thoughts turned into form, and visual jokes – Nagle’s humor and... | Read More
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