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Stage West’s $3M theater expansion brings new experiences to Ft. Worth

Editor’s note: As the pandemic continues, KERA and The Dallas Morning News are collaborating to document its impact on North Texas’ arts and culture scene. KERA’s Jerome Weeks visits Stage West to learn what the newly renovated spaces bring to Fort Worth.

This week, Stage West opens its new season in freshly expanded spaces that include a bright lobby, upgraded rehearsal room... | Read More

The next Frame of Mind episode is surreal, yet you’ll relate to its pandemic themes.

The next episode on Frame of Mind is Things Missing/Missed, a whirlwind exploration of intimacy in isolation. In a disruptive storytelling style, the Dallas-based Danielle Georgiou Dance Group performs expressions of anxiety and faulty communication in multi-layered scenes. It can be a bit hard to swallow – and to follow –  this complex story, so here are a few things to keep in... | Read More

Dallas Symphony pays tribute to ‘Notorious RBG’ Ruth Bader Ginsburg

In recent years, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has become a household name. A beloved figure who pushed for gender equality, the “Notorious RBG’s” likeness has been stitched onto pillows, made into bobbleheads and featured on COVID masks. Now, the Dallas Symphony Orchestra will host a concert in the justice’s honor. 

Composer and pianist Jeffrey Biegel, who first conceived of the... | Read More

Dallas theater students will cap off Hamilton-themed lesson plan with free performance

Performing arts students and teachers in Dallas are taking part in a lesson plan based on the Broadway hit Hamilton.

The curriculum, created by Dallas Independent School District and Dallas Summer Musicals, will be taught at 25 DISD high schools over the course of several weeks in November. It’ll culminate with a performance of Hamilton reserved for participating students and... | Read More

Dallas Symphony premiere is inspired by Fantasia, but made for today’s kids

Any world premiere is rare. But this weekend, the Dallas Symphony Orchestra premieres a piece written just for children.

Philharmonia Fantastique is composed by Grammy winner Mason Bates. He worked with an Oscar-worthy team on the film that accompanies the music. Together, the multimedia presentation tells the stories of the instruments in an orchestra.

Dallas Symphony... | Read More

Meet the ladies who rule Fair Park

Some of the best examples of the Art Deco works created for the 1936 Texas Centennial Exposition are the statues of women you’ll see as you make your way through the fairgrounds.

We know it’s hard, but before you go rushing off to buy your first corny dog, take some time to really look around and notice the art that made Fair Park…well, Fair Park. I spoke with author... | Read More

Headed To The State Fair? Here’s Why You Should Stick Around Dallas’ Newest Cultural District

Fair Park has joined the likes of Deep Ellum, Downtown Denton and Fort Worth’s Near Southside as one of the state’s official cultural districts. That opens up funding opportunities to help preserve Fair Park’s history and revitalize the neighborhood. 

The Texas Commission on the Arts made the decision earlier this month. The designation includes the fairgrounds, which have long... | Read More

Are You A K-Pop Fan?

Calling all K-pop stans!

KERA and The Dallas Morning News are working on a story about North Texans who say K-pop gives them life. Reporter Sarah Sedaghatzadeh of The Morning News has already talked to some fans who say the pandemic helped bring them together.

We’d also like to hear from fans across the region about their love for K-pop!

Please fill out our short,... | Read More

Naudline Pierre Reimagines The Renaissance At Dallas Museum Of Art

Naudline Pierre is in good company.

Naudline Pierre’s solo exhibition, “What Could Be Has Not Yet Appeared,” will be on view at the Dallas Museum of Art through May 15, 2022. 

One of the New York painter’s works, part of her new solo show at the Dallas Museum of Art, is currently hanging alongside the Renaissance and Baroque masterpieces on the second floor of the... | Read More

For More Than 30 Years, VideoFest Evolved With The Times

I’ve known Bart Weiss for nearly 20 years — dating back to my days editing the movie critics at The Dallas Morning News. North Texas has known him for twice as long, though, thanks to VideoFest, the annual, many-tentacled festival he founded in 1987 which opens its final edition tonight.

Notice I didn’t call it a “film festival.” When Weiss started... | Read More

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