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Pandemic Portrait: Dallas Comedian On Reclaiming Her Joy

Editor’s note: As the pandemic continues, KERA and The Dallas Morning News are collaborating to document its impact on North Texas’ arts and culture scene. The News’ Julianna Morano talks to three Dallas artists about how their work has evolved since COVID hit. This is the first in these series.

More than 18 months into the COVID-19 pandemic, some artists have realized that their... | Read More

A Book Hidden for 30 Years Prompts This Conversation About Dallas’ Record On Race

In the end, the two men — who’ve had their differences over the years — were accommodating. They joked with each other as they discussed  their different views on, among other things, whether or not, over the past 34 years, Black people have really improved their position in Dallas’ power structure.

The occasion for Tuesday evening’s live-streamed, public... | Read More

This Documentary About Cowboys Shows What Life Is Really Like On The Range Today

Cowboys and horses, grass and open land. Old Westerns and cowboy hats in the costume aisle. Say Texas, and that’s often what comes to mind – especially outside the state. But how many people – even Texas natives – have actually peeked into the life of a real cowboy?

Filmmakers Bud Force and John Langmore have done just that in Cowboys: A Documentary Portrait. The... | Read More

Who Is Nairy Baghramian? Meet The 2022 Laureate For Dallas’ Nasher Prize

The Nasher Sculpture Center has named Nairy Baghramian the winner of the 2022 Nasher Prize. The Iranian-born German artist is the sixth artist to receive the $100,000 award, and she’s also the second German laureate. (Isa Genzken won the prize in 2019.)

Baghramian’s biomorphic sculptures explore a wide range of ideas about the human body, gender, labor and the interplay between... | Read More

Six Big Things You Can Learn About Dallas Racial History In “The Accommodation”

Jim Schutze’s The Accommodation has been called “the most dangerous book in Dallas” by D Magazine. That’s because, written in 1986, it viewed the city entirely through the history of race — from slavery to the “accommodation” of the title. That’s Schutze’s term for the under-the-table relationship that started in the ‘50s between the city’s white business... | Read More

Lindalyn Adams, A Key Figure In Creating Dallas’ Sixth Floor Museum, Dies

Lindalyn Adams, who spearheaded the creation of The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza, has died. The museum confirmed her death on Sept. 8 in a statement published online.

Beginning in 1977, Adams worked to gain support to turn the former Texas School Book Depository building, which was then in danger of being demolished, into a historical display of the tragic event that came to... | Read More

Their Time In Prison Links Them, But Artists In This Dallas Show Explore Everything From 9/11 To COVID

The works currently hanging on the wall of SMU’s Pollock Gallery run the gamut. There’s gentle countryside landscapes, poems and portraits. A chaotic depiction of the attack on the U.S. Capitol in January sits next to drawings exploring 9/11 and COVID-19.

The themes are varied, but one thing ties them all together: prison.

Works like Thomas... | Read More

Here’s Your Guide To Fort Worth Gallery Night

Fort Worth Gallery Night is back. That means one big day – and evening – of gallery hopping, this Saturday, September 11.

“Gallery Night is not just about sales. It is about reengaging with the community,” said Shea Patterson Young, curator of the Atrium Gallery at UNT Health Science Center. Young’s also the executive director of the art dealers’... | Read More

Kacey Musgraves: ‘Star-Crossed’ And Thriving

We gave you the heads up that Kacey Musgraves’ new album “Star-Crossed” and the accompanying movie were being released today. This morning, NPR’s Noel King talked with the Texas native about the album and heartbreak.

Kacey Musgraves, whose follow-up to her Album of the Year-winning Golden Hour, titled Star-Crossed, was released Sep.... | Read More

Books Can Help Kids Learn About What Happened On 9/11. Here Are Some Good Ones

NPR kids’ books columnist, Juanita Giles reviews these titles to help children better understand what happened on 9/11.

When I was little, I used to love the books where you would connect the dots to make pictures. Some were very easy, you could tell what the picture was going to be even before you started, but some were very complex, and you had no idea what was going to... | Read More

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