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Remembrance of Flings Past

If you’ve ever wondered what Andy Warhol, Robert Rauschenberg, Jasper Johns, or William S. Burroughs was like in bed, look no further than John Giorno’s Great Demon Kings. In this memoir, completed the week before Giorno died last October, the poet, artist, and one-time impresario of the downtown New York scene has spared no detail—or past lover.

The gossip, like much of the... | Read More

Who Was Pacita Abad, the Pioneering Filipina Painter Honored by Google Doodle?

On Friday Google’s homepage pays tribute to the prolific Philippine artist and activist Pacita Abad, who on this day in 1984 became the first woman to receive the Philippines’s 10 Outstanding Young Men award. Her pioneering painting practice foregrounded overlooked women—Indigenous Filipina, domestic workers from Pakistan, Cambodian refugees. “I am a painter who paints from... | Read More

The Best Studio Easels for Creating Your Next Painting

For many, easels are an essential part of the painting process. Artists have used them for millennia: One of the first recorded uses of an easel dates back 2,000 years to the Romans; medieval monks used them to display precious illuminated manuscripts. Easels gained popularity during the Renaissance as artists created fewer paintings directly on walls and more on canvases. Today easels usually... | Read More

Controversial Restoration of Ghent Altarpiece Accepted by Researchers in New Paper

Researchers at the University of Antwerp and the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C., have released a study supporting the restoration last year of the Ghent Altarpiece (1432) by Northern Renaissance painter Jan van Eyck. Critics of the restoration had called attention to work done on a central panel of the work depicting the “Adoration of the Mystic Lamb.”

Last... | Read More

The User-Centric Museum, Archival Flame Wars, and a Boarded Up Website

Yesterday Annelisa Stephan, the Getty Museum’s assistant director for digital content strategy and user experience design, joined me on Instagram Live to talk about the institution’s online-first approach to connecting with audiences and how it led her department to start the #gettychallenge and share images from the collection in “Animal Crossing.” When Stephan began working at the... | Read More

The Best Glass Boards for Writing and Drawing

Whiteboards, a modern solution to the age-old chalk dust problem, come in many different materials, including porcelain, painted steel, and melamine. If that weren’t enough, they now also come in glass. Sleek and polished, glass whiteboards look great in offices and classrooms alike, and because glass is a nonporous, smooth material, dry-erase markers won’t stain its surface. Browse our... | Read More

The Best Drafting Lamps for Shedding Light on Your Work

Bright ideas deserve a bright light. Illuminate your work space with a good drafting lamp, which helps you see your work better and keeps your eyes from getting fatigued. Drafting lamps differ from regular lamps in that they usually use LEDs and have an adjustable arm. To help you select the proper light for your work space, we’ve rounded up our picks of the best options out there. 

... | Read More

The Best Bulletin Boards for Documenting Your Process

A bulletin board is a mainstay in any school, office, or home space. You can use one to make classroom and hallway displays; tack up important documents, calendars, and schedules; keep sentimental notes and small mementos; or post messages, artwork, and photos. Though they can be made of metal, fabric, or foam board, most are made of cork. Which one should you pick? For guidance, browse our... | Read More

Cameron Rowland’s Difficult Art Broaches Heady Ideas About Slavery—But Who Is the Work For?

[The extended image captions above and below are styled according to the artist’s insistence.]

Few young artists anywhere have garnered as much attention as quickly as Cameron Rowland. Not yet 35 years old, they won a $625,000 MacArthur “genius” fellowship and the inaugural $100,000 Nomura Emerging Award in 2019, and their work is now held by the Museum of Modern Art in New... | Read More

The Best Day Planners To Keep Track Of Your Schedule

Calendar applications are convenient, but no smartphone tool can truly replace a material planner. It’s helpful to have one physical space where you can write down all your important dates and deadlines and be able to flip through it to compare weeks or months at a glance. Planners keep you organized, but more than that, they are diaries of how you’ve spent your time and how your life has... | Read More

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