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Museum previews 2019–2020

Organized chronologically, this section highlights key shows at museums across the country and abroad. In addition, six institutional heads reveal their most pressing current concerns.

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The Guide

The guide is a comprehensive alphabetical listing, arranged by state and city, of US galleries, private dealers, print dealers, consultants, museums, nonprofit spaces, and university galleries and museums. Included are addresses, phone numbers, hours and names of directors, and a short description of the types of art shown and artists represented or exhibited. A four-digit key... | Read More

Gallery & Museum Index

An alphabetical listing of all the organizations in the Guide.

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Artist Index

An alphabetical listing cross-referenced to artists’ gallery and institutional affiliations.

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Art Schools; Art Services; Prints & Editions; Private Dealers

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Hands On

Q&A with art handler Don Edler.

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Open Score

A dual-venue, five-decade retrospective in San Francisco affirms the social and artistic prescience of Suzanne Lacy, whose pioneering feminist
performances and long-term collaborative projects have melded empathy and defiance.

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Moving Target

Gretchen Bender’s work from the 1980s, anticipating the numbing and subtly indoctrinating effect of today’s high-speed moving-image milieu, emphasized the need to see through media ploys and maintain a personal criticality.

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Fifty and Counting

With various shows currently marking the fiftieth anniversary of the Stonewall uprising, an analysis of Holland Cotter’s June 1994 A.i.A. article “Art after Stonewall,” which featured numerous artists’ reflections, reveals both continuity and startling change in the gay community at two twenty-five-year intervals.

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In the Studio: Betye Saar

Venerated African American assemblage artist Betye Saar, now ninety-three, discusses the psychology, as well as the cultural politics, of using “poor” flea market materials, including racially derogatory objects and pictures.

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