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Martin Margiela

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Danish Artist, Protesting “Miserable Working Conditions,” Hands In Blank Canvases for $84K

A Danish artist given $84,000 by a museum to produce two works has kept the money in protest of the low fees offered him by the commissioning institution, and has in exchange provided it with two blank ... | Read More

Spain Approves $42 Million for Prado Expansion

Following a six-year delay fueled by the Covid-19 crisis and by political and financial tensions reverberating throughout the country, Spain’s council of ministers has awarded Madrid’s Museo Nacional ... | Read More

New Opening Date Set for Guggenheim Abu Dhabi [Updated]

Tourism officials in Abu Dhabi clarified on September 29 that the hotly anticipated Guggenheim Abu Dhabi is projected to open sometime in 2025, not fall 2026 as forecast last week. The preponement is ... | Read More

Mary-Audrey Ramirez

Mary-Audrey Ramirez’s objects are enlivened by a tension that can be observed more and more often in contemporary art: the incongruity between subjects sourced from the technologically mediated worlds ... | Read More

Jordan Casteel, Nicole Fleetwood, and Daniel Lind Ramos Win MacArthur Fellowships

Painter Jordan Casteel, art historian and curator Nicole Fleetwood, and sculptor and painter Daniel Lind-Ramos are among the twenty-five recipients of the 2021 MacArthur Fellowships. Known colloquially ... | Read More

Nelly Sethna

A portrait of Nelly Sethna at the Cranbrook Academy of Art welcomes us at Chatterjee & Lal gallery. Dressed in an elegant black Parsi Gara with golden embroidery, she smiles radiantly by a loom. In ... | Read More

Dindga McCannon on “Where We At” and the women of the blues

Music seemed to melt into color as Dindga McCannon walked me through “In Plain Sight” at Fridman Gallery. The songs of Ma Rainey and Gladys Bentley played behind a recent work, Blues Queens, 2021, ... | Read More

New Museum Announces Biennial Award for Sculpture by Women Artists

New York’s New Museum today revealed that it is inaugurating a new biennial award for sculpture, specifically for women artists. The prize is funded by a $2 million grant from the Hostetler Wrigley ... | Read More

Filippo Berta

Filippo Berta’s solo exhibition “Common People” consists of drawings, photographs, a sculpture, and a video, all conveying different aspects of One by One, an ambitious project the artist developed over ... | Read More
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