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Cleveland Activists Counter Shaun Leonardo’s Censorship Allegations

Following the Museum of Contemporary Art Cleveland’s decision last month to cancel Shaun Leonardo’s exhibition “The Breath of Empty Space,” two activists have shared their account of the controversy. ... | Read More

MELA Foundation Launches Campaign to Save La Monte Young’s New York Dream House

La Monte Young and Marian Zazeela’s Dream House, a landmark conceptual artwork and performance venue currently located on the third floor of 275 Church Street in Manhattan, is facing an uncertain future ... | Read More

Sohrab Mohebbi to Curate 2022 Carnegie International

Writer and curator Sohrab Mohebbi has been named curator of the Carnegie International’s 58th edition, set to open in 2022. Mohebbi, who is thirty-nine and grew up in Iran, is the first Western Asian ... | Read More

Casa Malaparte: Furniture

In the filmic imaginary, Casa Malaparte in Capri, Italy, famously registers the domestic ennui at the heart of Jean-Luc Godard’s Le Mépris (1963). Conceived in its entirety—from the layout to the ... | Read More

Sotheby’s Awarded $2 million in Dispute Over Keith Haring Sale

The New York state court in Manhattan has ordered New York–based art dealer Anatole Shagalov to pay $2 million to Sotheby’s following a legal battle over a ten-foot Keith Haring painting purchased by ... | Read More

Amid Rising Infections, Some US Museums Begin to Reopen

As Covid-19 infection rates climb across the United States following a late-spring letup, some museums are starting to welcome visitors again after months of lockdown. Institutions that are opening ... | Read More

Cortney Metzger, Return , 2019, performance documentation, 8:47. Bank of Bull Shoals Lake, Missouri

... | Read More

Ado Vabbe: Wunderbar

Curated by Tiiu Talvistu with Mary-Ann TalvistuAdo Vabbe (1892–1961) is widely regarded as one of the most vital Estonian modernists of the 1910s and ’20s. His career was deeply affected by the ... | Read More

United Kingdom Plans $2 Billion Relief Package for Cultural Sector

The United Kingdom will infuse 1.57 billion pounds, the equivalent of almost $2 billion, into the country’s arts and cultural sector, which has been devastated by Covid-19-induced lockdowns since early ... | Read More

“Jonathan Baldock: Facecrime (suspect).” Stephen Friedman Gallery, London, 2020.

... | Read More
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