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Posting Notice: The Long Days of Summer

We’re taking a short break for the month of August so we can plan for the new season. We’ve got a lot up our sleeves and we can’t wait to tell you about it. Look for us in September for some big announcements. See you then!

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GIF of the Day: TAN MOM!

Watching the heinous dumpster fire that is the American news these days, sometimes it’s nice to reminisce about a more innocently crispy orange-faced villain from the news cycle’s simpler times. Remember Patricia Krentil, a.k.a Tan Mom? Her fifteen minutes of fame may have been shorter than her toddler’s sessions in the tanning bed, but boy did she leave... | Read More

L.A. Art Diary: The Final Entry

Doug Crocco

This is my last entry from L.A. I’ll explain why later, but basically I realized it was not the city for me, despite the past month+ of adventures I’ve had: Week One, Week Two: Part One, Week Two: Part Two, Week Three, Week Four.

Monday 7/17

#spiritual #technology #LA

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Highlights From The Marciano Collection

The Marciano Art Foundation has been the biggest pleasant surprise of 2017. As I’ve mentioned on the blog before, the new museum, funded by the GUESS Jeans fortune, delivers big-time with site-specific special projects from Jim Shaw and Ryan Trecartin and Lizzie Fitch. Those installations are so enthusiasm-inspiring it’s almost easy to overlook the... | Read More

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