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This Week’s Must-See Art Events: Use Your Sick Days Wisely

Michael Williams’ digital paintings open at Gladstone Thursday night.

There’s plenty of good stuff to do this week, starting with a Felix Gonzalez-Torres book launch reception at the Whitney Monday night. Carla Gannis has a book launch of her own Tuesday night at the Pratt library, including augmented-reality elements. The rest of the week is... | Read More

GIF of the Day: Commercial Photography and Art History

1 (1)

Sometimes it seems like we’re just taking the same pose, over and over again. Other times, we’re remaking re-imagining poses entirely.

... | Read More

How Much is Culture Worth Compared to Melania Trump?

Two of the most hotly discussed Trump budget items include the defunding of the NEA and escalating security costs for the First Family. Comparisons have achieved something like meme status across our Facebook and Twitter feeds, and now there’s even a Snopes article debating the veracity of BOMB Magazine marketing director Ryan Chapman’s tweet that it would cost double... | Read More

Finding Light (And An Ode To The Ass) In The 2017 Whitney Houston Biennial

Meegan Barnes’s Peek-a-boo Versace Booty at the 2017 Whitney Houston Biennial (photo by author)

The Whitney Houston Biennial: Greatest Love Of All Chashama 325 West Broadway New York, NY On view until March 29, 2017

Seven small spray bottles labeled “Trigger Spray” and a packet of tissues emblazoned with “Your Feelings Are Valid” sit... | Read More

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