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Explain Me: The Spring Break Art Show Part One and Two With Pictures!

Bobby Anspach’s “Bobby’s World”. Image: Art F City

Last week William Powhida and I spent an enormous amount of time at the Spring Break Art Show. We had so much to say about the show we produced two podcasts and discussed many booths at length. In the first podcast, we give the lay of the land in art fair world (we discuss the... | Read More

Hans Ulrich Obrist Interested in Time, Hans Ulrich Obrist

Hans Ulrich Obrist delivering his keynote at The Armory Show

The line for last week’s keynote lecture at the Armory Show was as long as the speaker’s resume; slated to talk was Hans Ulrich Obrist, artistic director of the Serpentine Gallery and arguably the most famous curator in the world. But since Obrist is a fixture at large art fairs, the huge... | Read More

Carol Cole: Cast a Clear Light at The Weatherspoon

Carol Cole, “The Dissection of ANI”, from the series “ANI (Anti-Nothingness Image)”, 1993. Clay, embroidery thread, linen, silk, and satin; 10 5/8 x 13 x 4 in. Courtesy of the artist.

Exciting news: I’ve co-curated an exhibition of Carol Cole’s work and collection at the Weatherspoon with Emily Stamey! This exhibition... | Read More

Explain Me: The Stink of Met Admission Hikes Endures

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Back in January, William Powhida and I recorded an episode of Explain Me on the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s new admission policy. Earlier that month, the museum known for housing some of the world’s greatest treasures announced its admission price would no longer remain... | Read More

How The New Tax Bill Affects Freelancers

It’s 2018, and you are likely starting to think about your taxes. You may also be wondering what’s in the newly passed tax legislation (officially the “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act” or TCJA) and how it’s going to affect you. Here is some help, specifically targeted for freelancers and creative economy workers.

To be clear, the 2017 taxes you file in the next few... | Read More

Explain Me: What Curators Really Think—A Cringe Worthy Report

Installation view, Maryam Hoseini, Of Strangers and Parrots, Rachel Uffner Gallery

On this episode of Explain Me we discuss a disastrous curator conference at SVA titled “Curatorial Activism and the Politics of Shock”, the Miami art fairs, and three shows— “Talon Rouge: Six Mexican Artists Revisit José Juan Tablada and His... | Read More

From Donald Trump’s Lips to Future Clown’s Hips: Time to Resign!

It’s a miserable day in American history. Republicans have passed a bill that will give corporations and wealthy millionaires massive tax cuts while reducing the services for virtually everyone else. They’ve included enrichment provisions that will benefit the president and senators who have been on the fence, and by lying to the American people. Previously,... | Read More

Irena Jurek Interviews Billy Grant: One-Time Pyromaniac, Now Artist with a Drill

Installation view

Billy Grant’s art practice is expansive. He works in virtually every medium from painting, drawing and collage to sculpture, video, and performance.  He collaborates constantly—his best known collaborative effort with the Virginia based art collective Dearraindrop which ran from 2001 to 2009. (Grant was one of three members... | Read More

Call for Submissions: We’re So Not Getting Our Security Deposit Back, Baltimore Edition

Michael Dotson, Curves, Installation view, NUDASHANK

Attention Baltimore artists and organizers! Art F City is compiling our second city-specific zine archiving defunct artist spaces. For our first edition, we focused on Washington DC, and for our second we’ll be focusing on Baltimore. That means if you’ve run an art space in the Baltimore... | Read More

Gentrification, Income Inequality and Donald Trump Baby Turds

The Museum of Human Achievement’s Trump Babies. Image via: Leslie Moody Castr

In this episode of Explain Me William Powhida and Paddy Johnson talk about the 450 million dollar Leonardo Da Vinci of disputed authenticity and the Boyle Heights activists who follow artist Laura Owen’s from L.A. to New York to protest her non-profit 365... | Read More

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