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An Interview with Brian Belott: Frustrating Expectations

Brian Belott at Gavin Brown

Brian Belott admits that he’s “anything but subtle.” The artist has carved out a reputation for creating exuberant over the top spectacles wherever he goes. Known for his wildly uninhibited paintings that vibrate with movement and motion, Belott also courts chance and accident in his hilarious, absurdist performances.... | Read More

This Week’s Must-See Art Events: Condo (the Good Kind) Invades New York

This week starts off and ends a little slowly, but Wednesday to Friday ought to be pretty great. Spend your hump-day checking out openings at Marianne Boesky Gallery and David Lewis, where a group show and a solo show by painter Megan Marrin, respectively, look to have a much-needed sense of humor. Thursday night Condo New York kicks-off, in which 16 local galleries have... | Read More

Displaced in Denver: A Discussion With the Artists Kicked-Out of Rhinoceropolis and Glob

This is the first discussion in our new series Tales From The Artist-Run, which will focus on stories from the art world’s DIY fringe. As artist-run spaces must contend with a shifting political and economic climate, we’re curious to see how they adapt to (and influence) the new world around them.

Warren Beddel (L) and John Golter (center)... | Read More

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