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Soo Sunny Park: Sculpting Art and Mind

by Megan Kaplon

Soo Sunny Park, “Unwoven Light”

When she began her undergraduate studies at the Columbus College of Art and Design, Soo Sunny Park planned to pursue product design. Luckily for museum visitors, however, she found her calling in sculpture and installation art. Her work is now featured at the Rice Gallery in Houston; the... | Read More

3-D Printing: New Dimensions

Museums provide creative opportunities with 3-D printing

by Michael Mascioni

3-D printing at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

At museums across the United States, artists and visitors have embraced the “maker culture” of 3-D printing technology, which allows users to create a physical work of art from a 3-D digital model. Museums now use 3-D... | Read More

Your Summer of Art

These off-the-beaten-path towns offer much to lure artistic vacationers.

by Rebecca Pahle

New York, London and Paris are among the great cities of the world for gallery hopping or visiting a museum or two. But, to do so, you may have to also elbow your way through crowds on public transportation and pay exorbitant prices for accommodations and dining. Sometimes, you might just... | Read More

A New Way to Learn

These days, students from anywhere can attend art classes together — online.

By Melinda Cootsona

I live in California, and I’ve been teaching art for about two years now. My co-teacher, Pauline Agnew, lives in Ireland. We meet periodically online to offer art instruction, and our students congregate from all corners of the earth — England, Australia, China, India and Egypt,... | Read More

Curating a Life

Evan Garza has found his niche in the art world.

by Megan Kaplon

Photo by George Bouret

Evan Garza grew up in a house filled with Latin American artwork and spent many weekends traipsing through the halls of Houston’s many acclaimed art museums, including the Menil Collection, the Rothko Chapel and the Contemporary Arts Museum. Back then,... | Read More

Art Licensing Hoops & Pitfalls

An Interview with Attorney Jay Landrum

by Christine Schrum

In an ideal world, you’d spend all day in the studio and earn enough from your originals to pay the bills and have plenty left over for that Tuscan villa. But for many—OK, let’s be honest, most—artists, it just doesn’t pan out that way. These days, you have to be as good a marketer as you are an artist. That’s... | Read More

Are You Really Online?

9 tips to help you get the most out of your website. 

Artists starting a business are often faced with a terrifying onslaught of information overload. Their to-do list grows and somehow, months after the launch of their business, they remain wary of inviting people to view their website, most likely because they haven’t spent the time learning how to make it effective and beautiful.... | Read More

Art by Design

Boston-based interior designer Stephanie Rossi talks about how she fulfills her clients’ needs for art with the perfect art pieces.

by Megan Kaplon

Photograph by Sean Litchfield

Stephanie Rossi, the owner of Boston’s Spazio Rosso design company and one of Boston Common magazine’s Top 10 Interior Designers to Know, once tried to convince... | Read More

Detroit’s Art Collection Safe —— For Now

by Hillary Casavant

To creditors, it may seem a logical solution: sell the Detroit Institute of Arts’ city-owned collection — which may be worth billions of dollars — and save the city from its $18 billion debt. But several national organizations, including the Ford Foundation and the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, have united to keep Detroit’s art off the auction... | Read More

From Funny Pages to Fine Art

In homage to Charles Schulz, Tom Everhart infuses Peanuts with new flavor.

by Christine Schrum

“Screaming Low-Blood Sugar Blonde” by Tom Everhart

“In the book of life, the answers aren’t in the back.” The great philosopher who uttered those words was not Confucius, Socrates, Karl Marx or Jean-Jacques Rousseau but Charlie Brown:... | Read More

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