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Paying Forward the Gift of Art

Lisa Schuster had graduated from business school and was running an art publishing business before she ever tried her hand at painting. Someone who had always appreciated art, she’d never considered herself an artist, and, when she finally allowed herself the freedom to test out her skills at age 30, she found that she had considerable talent. Today, though best-known for her abstract... | Read More

Must-See Miami

Check out ABN’s curated list of events and shows you won’t want to miss during Miami Art Week

Miami Art Week has exploded into a well-known destination that attracts some of the top artists and galleries in the world. From the sophisticated Art Basel for the cultural connoisseur to a host of Wynwood venues with an international collection of galleries and emerging artists, Miami... | Read More

Goods for Good

Christina Eldridge, co-founder of Red Dirt Shop, successfully combines business, art, and charity

By Nicki Porter

It’s one thing to create art with good intentions: to raise awareness for a cause, grant a voice to the oppressed, or just bring a little light into the world. But acting on those good intentions is another thing entirely.

For Kansas City natives Christina Eldridge... | Read More

Educator & Creator

High school art teacher Melanie Blood inspires students, who in turn inspire her own work

By Meredith Quinn

Melanie Blood and her students hard at work

Art is often one of the first programs on the chopping block for many public school districts. But four-year high school art teacher Melanie Blood reveals that the skills students acquire while talking... | Read More

Know Your Rights

What the Visual Arts Rights Act does and doesn’t protect

By Alan E. Katz

In 1958, a private collector donated an Alexander Calder mobile to the Pittsburgh International Airport. Calder crafted the mobile, “Pittsburgh,” of aluminum and iron—two signature Pittsburgh metals. Shortly thereafter, officials at the Allegheny County Department of Aviation decided to have the... | Read More

The Power of Online Leads

Put LinkedIn to work for you.

By Lance Evans

Even if you’re in the business of art for the love of the craft, your ultimate success still comes down to making sales. Sales come from leads, which, depending on your business model, could come from patrons walking in off the street, advertisements in an arts publication or exchanges of business cards at some chic Sotheby’s cocktail... | Read More

Sharing Cuban Stories

Stacy Conde, director of the Conde Contemporary art gallery in Miami, shines a spotlight onto the art stars of an inaccessible island nation

By Meredith Quinn

The stories of Cuba, a land so close yet so far away, are teaching the world about life and people’s struggles in an isolated country. Perhaps no one has been more inspired than Conde Contemporary owner Stacy Conde, who, in her... | Read More

Behind the Art

Artists share the process and inspirations behind their work.

By Linnea Jessup

Behind each artist and every painting, sculpture, and multimedia creation lies a fascinating story. Events, places, people and even something as simple as color or texture can inspire a work of art, and the stories behind a piece can help us gain a greater appreciation for its complexity and increase the... | Read More

Top East Coast Exhibits of Spring

These 15 exhibits in Boston, New York and Washington will keep you busy all up and down the East Coast this spring.

By Megan Kaplon

Spring on the East Coast—that wet, hopeful season—often begins as Bostonians are still removing the final dregs of winter from their driveways. As the season matures, it quickly transitions into a lush period of growth and greenery as New Yorkers... | Read More

The Uphill Battle to Educate Young Artists

As federal funding for the arts becomes increasingly scarce, schools look for other ways to pay for their programs.

By Marc Hopkins

Photo by Joe Rubino

The 1980s motion picture Fame follows a group of aspiring artists at a New York City high school for the performing arts. The film’s climax features an elaborate musical performance, “I Sing the Body... | Read More

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