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The Impact of Covid-19 on the Luxury Market and What it Means for the Future of eCommerce

A recent Art Basel and UBS Art Market Report showed that online sales of art, collectibles, and antiques reached a record high of $12.4B in 2020, doubling in value from 2019. The accelerated growth of eCommerce for these types of items comes as buyers are more comfortable purchasing everything online.

For many sellers of high-value goods, the biggest hurdle for a successful eCommerce... | Read More

“Weaving Thru The World” Sustainable Art Sculpture Unveiled in Sydney

It’s common to walk around any city in the world and find street banners and festival flags hanging, but what happens to those flags when they are no longer needed?

World Square, a premier shopping center located in Sydney, Australia, recently partnered with creative hot shop VANDAL to commission a sustainable art sculpture. The sculpture was developed by artist Gabrielle Filtz... | Read More

Art Therapy: Designing Treatments for Mental Health

The value of art therapy as a stress-relieving creative outlet has long been understood by artists. For centuries, people have engaged in all types of art, from painting and sculpting to music and dance, as a form of self-expression and release. In the 1940s, a British artist named Adrian Hill acknowledged the therapeutic value of painting while he was recovering from tuberculosis. Realizing... | Read More

COVID-19 Murals: Inside the World of Pandemic-Inspired Street Art

The COVID-19 coronavirus has disrupted every aspect of life; social distancing and isolation have become a common practice. Even during this devastating time, artists remained active and tried to capture the effects of the virus through their lenses.

Some artists focused on the eerie silence left behind by the intense lockdowns from March to June, while others... | Read More

Your Virtual Can-Dos: Here Are 8 Virtual Museum Tours & Interesting Events to Enjoy

Today’s world is marked by uncertainty, stress, negative feelings, and lockdown measures. This year has been a challenging one, a year that taught us how to live purposefully, to look inside us, and take care of the dear ones. Everything has changed, including the way we travel and see art. Most industries were affected by this global pandemic and the restrictions that followed, and many... | Read More

Encouraging Voter Awareness Through Digital Art

In anticipation of the upcoming election, Goldman Global Arts and When We All Vote have partnered with thirteen diverse artists to create a digital art campaign that will be displayed in stadiums and arenas across the United States. Goldman Global Arts is a creative agency that curated the iconic Wynwood Walls in Miami and the Houston Bowery Wall in New York City. Michelle Obama’s... | Read More

Art Market Trends in Response to COVID-19

There is no industry that has gone untouched by the widespread disruption of the coronavirus. The art world, like all other sectors, is quickly grappling with rapidly evolving challenges.

Although there is no clear roadmap on how to move forward, the team at Huntington T. Block has seen a few trends among galleries, art dealers, collectors, artists, art fairs, and... | Read More

Painting Australia’s Bushfires: Eco-Grief & Artivism

By Tanya Ogilvie-White Bangalow, New South Wales, Australia

Eco-grief and Artivism: Both are new terms to me, but they’re beginning to define my life in Australia. As a wildlife artist and animal lover, I’ve been so deeply affected by the devastating bushfires that it’s been hard for me to focus on anything else.

Every day, I pour my heart... | Read More

Three Key Trends Guiding the Art Market in the New Year

2020 is poised to be a year of changes for the art market, driven by factors ranging from environmental changes to the effects of trade wars. Here is a look at three of the trends that Huntington T. Block Insurance Agency expects to make a major impact on the art market in the new year – globalization, climate change, and the escalation of art values.


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Piece of Work

Kris Gebhardt knows that physical well-being plays an integral role in an artist’s creativity and career success

By Priscilla Tallman

Kris Gebhardt is a piece of work—literally and figuratively. His art reflects the winding road that led him to the canvas; his body reflects the daily dedication to training that led him to physical health and mental stamina.

“I don’t... | Read More

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