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Paris – Jim Shaw: “Strange Beautiful” at Praz-Delavallade Through November 2nd, 2019

Jim Shaw, Strange Beautiful (2019), via Praz-Delavallade It’s hard to avoid the bizarre poignancy of Jim Shaw’s work in the modern era. The artist’s incisive and often hysterical engagements with the language of modern U.S. politics, moments of historical violence, pop culture and even commodity capitalism (usually all at once), makes him one of our […]... | Read More

NYT Charts Friendship Between Mary Cassett and Edgar Degas

A piece in the NYT looks at the friendship between Mary Cassatt and Edgar Degas, and how the pair’s shared interests and styles helped usher in a new era of art. “Degas was surrounded by Americans,” says historian Nancy Mowll Mathews. “He was someone who liked having people like him. He got them interested in his […]... | Read More

Newly Discovered Rembrandt to Go on View in Oxford

A newly discovered painting by Rembrandt will go on view for the first time at Oxford’s Ashmolean Museum, The Guardian reports. “In his early paintings, prints and drawings we find a young artist exploring his own style, grappling with technical difficulties and making mistakes. But his progress is remarkable and the works in this exhibition demonstrate an amazing […]... | Read More

Protestors from Extinction Rebellion Cover Themselves in Oil at National Portrait Gallery in London

Environmental protestors from Extinction Rebellion coated themselves with fake oil at the National Portrait Gallery this week, in protest against the museum’s sponsorship by BP. “Who will there be left to see, who will there be left to paint, if we have no earth and no people?” a protestor said during the action. “We cannot be artists on a dead planet. Oil […]... | Read More

Volta Art Fair Sold to Ramsay Fairs

Volta Art Fair has been purchased by Ramsay Fairs, the group that owns the Affordable Art Fair and Pulse, the Financial Times reports. The new owners will work “to invest more in marketing and the fair experience,” according to a statement. Read more at Financial Times... | Read More

RIP – Painter Ed Clark Has Passed Away at the Age of 93

Ed Clark, Untitled (2005), via Hauser & Wirth Pioneering painter Ed Clark, the African-American painter known for his use of a push broom to spread bold colors across his canvases to create energetic and engaging comments on the state of the world, has passes away at the age of 93.  His death was announced by his gallery, Hauser & Wirth. […]... | Read More

Art Dealer Hildegard Bachert Has Passed Away at Age 98

Hildegard Bachert, an art dealer focused on German and Austrian modernism, has died at age 98.  Bachert was a tireless advocate for the often challenging subject matter of the work she sold, once saying: “We don’t do pretty pictures—our art is tough. If we have people who come in saying, ‘I’m looking for a picture that […]... | Read More

Keith Haring Mural Cut from Youth Center Stairwell

A Keith Haring mural is being cut out of the stairwell of Grace House, a Catholic youth center on Manhattan’s Upper West Side and prepared for auction, causing some to decry its removal. “When new kids came to that building and they saw all that stuff, they said, ‘Oh my god, this is Keith Haring. Is this real?’” says former […]... | Read More

NBCUniversal Head Ron Meyer Sues Dealers Over Alleged Fake Rothko

Hollywood exec Ron Meyer has filed a $10m lawsuit against two art dealers he claims sold him a forged Mark Rothko. “Ron Meyer is probably Hollywood’s best liked person. The people he’s quietly helped are legion,” says lawyer Bertram Fields. “It’s a shame that Ron, of all people, should have been stuck with an expensive but […]... | Read More

MoMA Hit With Multiple Protests as it Reopens

A pair of protests were staged at MoMA the past few days, with groups disrupting the opening this morning over Steven Tananbaum’s position as trustee, and his company’s holding of $2.5 billion in debt from Puerto Rico, which is currently facing government austerity, as well as a protest this past weekend over alleged museum ties to Fidelity Investments, which […]... | Read More
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