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ICA Philadelphia Gets W.A.G.E. Certification

The ICA Philadelphia will be the first museum certified by Working Artists and the Greater Economy (W.A.G.E.), a New York-based organization pushing for sustainable economic relationships between artists and exhibiting institutions. “Our partnership with W.A.G.E. helps to set a new standard in the museum field, one that ensures equitable environments for the artists with whom we work,”... | Read More

New York – Chris Martin at Anton Kern Through April 7th, 2018

Chris Martin, Golden Age #2 (2018), via Anton Kern Drawing inspiration from the impressive two-floor layout at Anton Kern’s uptown locale, painter Chris Martin has dug into his voluminous output for a show of paintings in New York City.  Cultivating the artist’s love for the painted canvas, and for the boundless enthusiasm that surges forth from each of his compositions,... | Read More

Art News Explores Controversy Over Helen Molesworth Firing

Art News has a piece exploring the firing of Helen Molesworth at MOCA in-depth, seeking to understand what the museum’s claims that she had been “undermining the museum.” The piece explores a series of public statements and quotes by the curator that were critical of MOCA and its programming choices.  “Everything that happens in museums is a microcosm of what... | Read More

Joan Jonas Profiled in The Guardian

Joan Jonas gets a feature in The Guardian this week, as the artist opens her retrospective at the Tate Modern. “When I use a myth or a story or a literary text in my work, I often extract particular passages from a larger narrative that resonates with me,” she says. “In performance, the audience hears the text, recorded […]... | Read More

Marc Chagall Painting from National Gallery of Canada Features in Christie’s May Sale in New York

A 1929 Marc Chagall painting of the Eiffel Tower in Paris is being sold by the National Gallery of Canada at Christie’s this May in New York, and will be used to pay for new acquisitions.  “Filled with an air of sensuous, passionate romance, Marc Chagall’s La Tour Eiffel (estimate: $6-9 million) encapsulates the wonderfully poetic style […]... | Read More

Vincent Van Gogh Piece from Collection of Elizabeth Taylor Heads to Auction

A rare Vincent Van Gogh painting which formerly hung in the collection of Elizabeth Taylor will go to auction this May at Christie’s in New York, expected to sell for $35 million. “I’ve always felt that I am merely a caretaker for the extraordinary objects I’ve received,” the piece quotes Taylor. “You can’t possess radiance, you can only admire it.” ... | Read More

Art News Details Conditions Behind Shake-Up at MOCA LA

Art News has a piece surveying the fallout over the firing of Helen Molesworth at MOCA, including a series of interviews with artists and collectors over the move.  In one interview, a donor recounts a time that Molesworth failed to show up for a tour of their collection. “I don’t show my collection to many people—it’s […]... | Read More

Sheila Hicks Profiled in New Yorker

Artist Sheila Hicks gets a profile in the New Yorker this week, as she reflects on her work and gives a tour of her studio. “You see the junk all over my studio?” she says of her cluttered studio and the practice that emerges from it. “It’s like drawing or sculpting with the scissors.” Read more at New Yorker […]... | Read More

Former Art Basel Exec Magnus Renfrew to Launch Taipei Art Fair

Former Art Basel fair head Magnus Renfrew is launching a new art fair, Taipei Dangdai, set to coincide with next year’s Taipei Biennial. “With Hong Kong, I was proud to be involved in organizing a fair that asserts itself as a global fair for the region and will remain so,” Renfrew says. “There is a big […]... | Read More

Anthea Hamilton Interviewed in the Guardian

Artist Anthea Hamilton is interviewed in The Guardian this week, as the artist prepares a work for the Tate Britain’s Duveen Commission. “Well, I don’t think I’m allowed to talk about the work yet, I’d have to check,” she says drily. “But no, it’s not intimidating. The architecture is obviously very powerful but if you take that as a […]... | Read More
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