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Jenny Holzer Interviewed in The Guardian

Jenny Holzer is interviewed in The Guardian this week, as the artist prepares to show a new body of work discussing gun violence and shooting deaths in the United States. “I wanted to collect what we did very, very, quickly after the Parkland shooting,” she says. “Wanting to show the work at Tate made me assemble the […]... | Read More

Artist Pyotr Pavlensky Released from Detention in France

Artist Pyotr Pavlensky, known for his acts of transgressive protest, has been released from detention for charges of setting the doors of the central Banque de France building on fire. Pavlensky has performed similar acts of protest in Russia, which had a hand in his exile from his home country.  Read more at Artforum  ... | Read More

UTA Fine Arts Head Josh Roth Passes Away at Age 40

Josh Roth, head of UTA Fine Arts, has died at the age of 40, after suffering what was reported as heart failure. “Josh was a dear man and a great colleague, and we are devastated by his loss,” UTA chairman Jim Berkus and CEO Jeremy Zimmer said Monday in a statement. “His friendships and contributions were […]... | Read More

Steve McQueen to Attempt Photographing all Year Three Students in UK

Steve McQueen is embarking on an ambitious project that will see him attempt to shoot all year 3 seven- and eight-year-olds in the UK for a show at Tate Britain. “We live in London and we all think we know London, but we don’t and to have a reflection of our immediate future is I think quite urgent,” […]... | Read More

New York – Intimate Infinite: “Imagine A Journey” Curated by Brett Gorvy at Lévy Gorvy Through October 24th, 2018

Cy Twombly, Untitled (1967), via Levy Gorvy If you follow Brett Gorvy on Instagram, it’s immediately apparent that the Lévy Gorvy partner is a master of narrative, spinning long, anecdotal tomes around the images and artworks that he posts in his feed.  Gorvy’s vision and passion for art, and for the stories that surround each of the works that […]... | Read More

New York – Anthony Pearson at Marianne Boesky Through October 20th, 2018

Anthony Pearson, Untitled (Embedment) (2018), via Marianne Boesky Marking the first show of the fall season at Marianne Boesky’s Chelsea exhibition space, artist Anthony Pearson returns to his long-running experimentations with hydrocal for a new selection of  works.  The artist’s work as a lingering, enigmatic engagement with this material functions as an explicit practice in […]... | Read More

Frieze Los Angeles Announces Gallery List

Frieze Los Angeles, which will run February 14 through 17 at Paramount Pictures Studio in Hollywood, has announced its initial gallery list, with a heavy focus on blue-chip galleries that speaks to the impact it is looking to make on the West Coast.  Read more at Art News... | Read More

Venice Canadian Pavilion Reopened

The Canadian Pavilion at the Venice Biennale has been reopened, with a restored interior that The National Gallery of Canada is hoping will improve the working conditions for its chosen artists. “I give always very much importance to the conservation, as much as possible, of the original design,” says designer Alberico Belgiojoso “Nature changes, while architecture stays […]... | Read More

New York Court Rejects Family Claim to Matisse Work

A federal appeals court in New York has rejected a claim to a 1908 Matisse painting owned by the National Gallery in London by the grandchildren of the woman in the work. “The alleged taking of the painting was committed by a private actor” not “a sovereign”, the panel of judges said. “The National Gallery’s refusal to compensate […]... | Read More

Dorothea Rockburne’s Soho Loft Profiled in New York Mag

Artist Dorothea Rockburne’s immense Soho loft is profiled in New York Magazine this week, where the artist has lived and worked since 1974. “It’s like my work,” she says. “It isn’t tarted up. My work is straightforward, and the answers are there because that’s the answer; there is no other answer. And that’s how this place is.” Read […]... | Read More
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