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New York: “Cart, Horse, Cart” at Lehmann Maupin Through August 16th, 2019

Donald Moffett, Lot 090307 (O) (2007), via Lehmann Maupin On view for the summer months at Lehmann Maupin, a group show compiling the work of Angel Otero, Donald Moffett, Carrie Moyer and many more. The exhibition, co-organized by Curator Michael Goodson and Lehmann Maupin Curatorial Director Anna Stothart and spanning both of its Chelsea locations, […]... | Read More

New York: “303 Gallery: 35 Years” at 303 Gallery Through August 16th, 2019

Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster, Untitled (2011), via 303 Gallery 35 years ago, gallerist Lisa Spellman opened 303 Gallery, a space that would stand as a cornerstone of the New York art world over the coming decades, and which still stands as an icon of distinctive artistic practices, conceptual rigor, and a little bit of New York style. […]... | Read More

Artist Group Postcommodity Opens Installation Commission in Chicago

Artist group Postcommodity have unveiled a commission in Chicago reflecting on the history of migrant cultures in the United States, and calling on the U.S. government to create space for those deprived of basic human rights. “We need to acknowledge this migration in real time and start preparing for that transformation. Rather than fight it, embrace it,” member Kade […]... | Read More

The Guardian Interviews Life Models on Their Work Posing for Artists

The Guardian speaks with a group of life models on their practice sitting in a studio, and their perspectives on their job posing for learning artists. “I’d been waiting for someone to tell me it’s fine to pose for students if you’re different,” says Suzon Lagarde, a painter. “You might feel vulnerable posing, but as a painter I […]... | Read More

NYT Profiles Recent Private Collection Database Startup

The NYT profiles a recent digital venture, Collecteurs, which serves as a database for private collections. “If I don’t put them in some kind of public database, these works essentially disappear from the planet,” says collector Roberto Toscano. Read more at NYT  ... | Read More

Trump Tariffs Set to Go Into Effect on Art September 1st

While Donald Trump postponed a number of trade restrictions with China this week, his tariff against art and antiquities will still go into effect September 1st, Art Newspaper notes. “The US import tariff will apply to all Chinese art sourced anywhere in the world, not simply Chinese art imported from China. [It] will act as a […]... | Read More

Judy Chicago Launches Her Own Wine

Artist Judy Chicago has launched her own brand of wine, announced this week on her Instagram page.  Read more at Instagram  ... | Read More

Arthur Jafa Profiled in NYT

Arthur Jafa is profiled in the New York Times this week, as the Golden Lion winner reflects on his recent successes and the response to his video work Love is the Message, the Message is Death. “I’ve… had people coming up to me saying, ‘I was super moved,’ ‘I cried’ — a pretty moderate articulation of their […]... | Read More

Robert Indiana’s Estate Files Suit Against Caregiver Over Alleged Neglect

Robert Indiana’s caretaker has been accused in court of neglect, claiming around $1.1 million while the artist lived in “squalor and filth.” “Thomas had allowed valuable archival documents, nearly all of Indiana’s personal library (which he had taken enormous pride in), and some artwork to suffer severe damage or destruction,” says James Brannan, who represents Indiana’s... | Read More

London’s National Gallery Plans Immersive Installation on da Vinci Masterpiece

London’s National Gallery is planning an “immersive experience” that will look at Leonardo da Vinci’s The Virgin of the Rocks this fall, showcasing the work’s construction and research into its history. “Much of our research takes place in closed studios, laboratories and libraries,”says Caroline Campbell, director of collections, noting that the project allows... | Read More
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