Austrian artist Ulrike Müller’s first solo show in a museum on view at mumok in Vienna

In her artistic work, Ulrike Müller (born 1971 in Brixlegg, Tirol, lives in New York) explores the relationships between abstraction and bodies and a concept of painting that is not restricted to brush and canvas. The geometrical figures and color surfaces in her compositions are never “purely” abstract. They carry erotic and sexual associations; they tease, touch, and penetrate each other without collapsing into pairs of opposites. Müller uses abstraction as an idiom that can be figuratively appropriated, emotionally charged and / or politically connoted—depending on the context and the viewer. “My paintings are part of the desire to imagine and to practice alternatives to traditional gender roles and lifestyles,” Müller says. mumok is presenting Ulrike Müller’s first solo show in a museum, and also a special selection from our own collection that has been chosen by Müller together with mumok

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