Arts+Leisure presents an exhibition of new work by Aimee Odum

Arts+Leisure is presenting Infinite Infinite, an exhibition of new work by Aimee Odum. Melding video, ceramics, and fragments of a variety of sculptural and technological materials, Odum forges a dialogue between nature and technology, juxtaposing physical tactility with the conditions of the digital screen. Above all, Odum’s practice suggests that the natural world and that contained within our smartphones are not quite the polar opposites they may seem. Technology and digital imaging inform the ways in which we interface with nature, while the exigencies of our environment often define our technological needs, with the two ricocheting off each other in a mutually reflexive relationship. Describing her consciousness of this inseparable duality and its presence in contemporary reality, Odum writes, “In terms of perception, there is little separation between

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