Art & Space Gallery presents the work of Munich artist Katharina Lehmann

The Art & Space Gallery announces the opening of the exhibition with the works and first installations „Black Cubes Solos“ of the talented Munich artist Katharina Lehmann. For her installation Black Cubes Solos, textures and ornaments from nature act as source of inspiration for the artist Katharina Lehmann. With the space that is occupied by seven black cubes, the artist conveys the idea of the connection and interaction of all items, way and even individuals as part of a system, a microcosm. By choosing minimalist means of expression, she is yet giving importance to the most delicate nuances. From a distance, the observer only sees large, black, even, square surfaces, but the closer he gets, the more complex these objects become. The surface – on the one hand endless and chaotic, on the other hand as perfect as nature itself – is made of miles of

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