Art Pow Wow website launch and pop-up exhibition

Art Pow Wow, a social network and e-commerce website where selected artists can connect with an international community of artists and collectors has launched. Established in 2015 as an alternative to the noisy social networks and unfiltered online art markets that dominate the industry, Art Pow Wow is a curated site that offers artists the opportunity to sell their art directly to collectors, meet curators, and trade their work with other artists. Advanced features like their one-of-a-kind Crit Room, residency database, virtual collections, and in-house art advisors make Art Pow Wow the new standard for artists to showcase their work and stay connected within their local, and the greater global, community. Collectors on Art Pow Wow have direct access to emerging and established artists creating original art in every media, at all price points. The artists featured on Art Pow

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