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Let There Be Light: This month%26rsquo;s leitmotifs are light, space and color, beginning with the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston%26rsquo;s dazzling exhibition for Carlos Cruz-Diez, the pioneering Franco-Venezualan (born 1923) whose chromatic investigations and immersive environments are the most futuristic art we%26rsquo;ve ever seen (presented in conjunction with the artist%26rsquo;s foundation, February 6 %26ndash; July 4) ... Texans working in this direction include painter Sydney Philen Yeager at McMurtrey Gallery (hurry, closes February 12) and sculptor Christian Eckart of the gleaming metal abstractions and mighty, well-deserved international reputation at McClain Gallery (through March 5). Also in this vein, check out senior grand master painter/second generation ab-exer Tony Magar at Laura Rathe Gallery; Magar%26rsquo;s roots in Texas run deep (the artist now lives in Corpus Christi). See his nature-inflected canvases, which are illuminated by a sense of the land, sea and sky (February 19 %26ndash; March 19) with a brunch/panel discussion starring the artist, including insider tales of SoHo and Taos back in the day (February 20, noon to 2 pm; gratis, RSVP 713.527.7700).

More Power Players: Highly recommended %26mdash; the engaging Dump Truck duo Cory Wagner and Mat Wolff at Rudolph Blume Fine Art/ArtScan Gallery featuring an odd intervention into a living room (through February 26) in %26ldquo;Secret Message and Pillow Talk,%26rdquo; as well as Aussie-born painter Janaki Lennie%26rsquo;s homecoming at Booker-Lowe Gallery, an adroitly edited retrospective of the current Canadian%26rsquo;s time in Houston (through March 5) ... Candice and Lonnie Schiller%26rsquo;s daughter, Caroline Schiller, solos at Salon Ceron alongside rising-talent photog Carmen Reed. Opening night is Saturday, February 12 (through February), benefitting the worthy nonprofit ArtBridge, which provides art lessons for homeless kids ...

Posh paddles: Morton Kuehnert%26rsquo;s auction Sunday, February 27 captivates with a luminous monoprint by colorfielder Friedel Dzubas, alongside other choice art and European and American furnishings and decorative objects (bidding,


Sydney Philen Yeager%26rsquo;s Inversion, 2010, at McMurtrey Gallery.

Christian Eckart%26rsquo;s Hexagonal Perturbation, 2010, at McClain Gallery.%26nbsp; Private collection, Houston; image courtesy McClain Gallery.

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