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Enlightening Stops: Top touts for what you need to see this month: Texas Southern%26rsquo;s University Museum hosts an exhibition from the troves of Elliot and Kimberly Perry that focuses on artists of the African diaspora. Sixty-five extraordinary offerings by 55 talents span time periods from the historical to today, from Henry O. Tanner%26rsquo;s drawing of a young girl to Kehinde Wiley%26rsquo;s hip-hop sendup of John Singleton Copley, plus creations by Houston artists Ann Johnson, Lauren Kelley (a recent star of the MFAH Core Program) and TSU alum/visiting prof, Whitney Biennial%26ndash;exhibited Robert Pruitt (through August 21).

Absolving Abstraction: San Antonio painter Gabriel Delgado comes to town for a curatorial turn at Audley Society, Linda Marroquin%26rsquo;s alternative space that manifests a utopian essence. Organizing %26ldquo;Op de Muur%26rdquo; %26mdash; the title, a Dutch phrase translated as %26ldquo;On the Wall%26rdquo; %26mdash; he looks to Houston and central Texas for the second generation of abstract expressionists, as well as their younger peers. In Delgado%26rsquo;s eye are overlooked painters such as senior master Michael Hollis, whose eloquent, well-honed compositions are as good as it gets, alongside those we%26rsquo;ve never seen before, especially Louis Vega Trevino from San Antonio (through October 1) ... On the Richmond corridor, there%26rsquo;s news from Latin American powerhouse Sicardi Gallery: a ground-breaking in preparation for Sicardi%26rsquo;s move next spring to a plum spot near The Menil Collection. Meanwhile, catch %26ldquo;Pages III,%26rdquo; presenting 10 provocative contemporary voices from the Southern continent (through August 20) %26hellip; Next door, McClain Gallery%26rsquo;s newly minted assistant director, Erin Siudzinski, makes her curatorial debut in %26ldquo;The Big Top,%26rdquo; placing ringside The Art Guys, John Alexander, Donald Baechler and more (through August 6) ... Speaking of the circus, we%26rsquo;re mad for the strange ceramics of Mark Chatterley at Goldesberry Gallery, including a human-sized rabbit walking other bunnies that%26rsquo;s going to a Houston private collector whose benevolence is covered in this issue (through August 6).%26nbsp;

Have You Been?: Three jewel-box photographic exhibitions are off the usual radar. At Architecture Center Houston, investigate four-and-a-half decades of urban images by award-garnering photographer Paul Hester (through August 12) ... Lensman Jack Potts%26rsquo; 11-year-old son Jackson Potts has taken up the profession, showcasing his rock %26rsquo;n%26rsquo; roll portraits at Catalina Coffee (through August 20) ... Make tracks to the Museum of Printing History, where late legend Marvin Zindler%26rsquo;s crime-scene photographs are highlighted, from the days of his covering murder and mayhem Weegee style as a cub photojournalist (through August 13) ... FotoFest%26rsquo;s Fred Baldwin and Wendy Watriss head to Moscow, overseeing their highest profile portfolio review ever, at internationally renowned Dasha Zhukova%26rsquo;s Garage Center for Contemporary Culture (August 29 %26ndash; September 2).

Eco and Cavalier: Rush to Cavalier Fine Art for the enticing closing sale, now taking place, with hundreds of rare, historical canvases. Owners Carl Moore and Bert Melnick are retiring and will be greatly missed (August through September) ... At Poissant Gallery, Clean Economy Network%26rsquo;s Tyra Rankin curates a recycled/repurposed exhibition, with Texans Alicia Duplan, John Linden and Dan Phillips confirmed to date (August 19 %26ndash;%26nbsp;September 5) ... Texas Artists Today creative type Susan Plum opens her studio for a trunk show of her infinitely collectible woven-glass jewelry, set for Sunday, August 21; for your invite, e-mail susanplum@gmail.%26nbsp;

Galveston, oh Galveston: Our fave island has a new art stop. Carrie and David Hardaker have joined forces with painter Ray Phillips to open Avis Frank Gallery in the Strand District. Up now is the promising %26ldquo;Spectrum,%26rdquo; curated by master drawer Lisa Qualls and featuring protagonists Lucinda Cobley, Leamon Green, Floyd Newsum and Patrick Renner (through August 13).

Fair Thee Well: Houston Fine Art Fair has gathered momentum: Eighty gallerists representing 12 countries will roll into town, including Houston notables Meredith Long %26amp; Company, McClain Gallery, Barbara Davis Gallery, Moody Gallery and Sicardi Gallery. Opening night Thursday, September 15, will benefit the MFAH/Glassell Core Program (September 15 %26ndash;%26nbsp;18, at George R. Brown). Preview the Fair fare at Neiman Marcus%26rsquo; valet window (August 11 %26ndash; 21), and Tootsies%26rsquo; windows (September 11 %26ndash; 18); Tootsies also hosts a private party co-sponsored by PaperCity for VIP ticket holders, %26agrave; la Art Basel Miami Beach, innovatively melding fashion and art (info ... The Texas Contemporary Fair is also taking shape, turning into something more intimate, with hometown dealers Kerry Inman and Fredericka Hunter molding it (October 20 %26ndash;%26nbsp;23). We%26rsquo;ll cover both, reporting from the aisles and aisles of art.


Kehinde Wiley%26rsquo;s Mrs. Joseph Barrell (Hannah Fitch), 2006, at University Museum, TSU

E. Michael Hollis%26rsquo; Untitled, 2011, at Audley Society



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