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From Buddhas to SpongeBob: The New Year ushers in everything from the ridiculous to the sublime. The former is represented by the KAWS exhibition at the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth, with the Brooklyn-based painter showing off his latest odd amalgamation of cartooning, pared down to a beguiling, smooth-surfaced abstraction laced with humor, with characters (think Mickey Mouse and SpongeBob) making PAs (through February 19) ... In extreme contrast, at the Meadows Museum the timeless, contemplative splendor of sixth-century Chinese art is highlighted in %26ldquo;Echoes of the Past: The Buddhist Cave Temples of Xiangtangshan%26rdquo; (through January 8).

Gallery-ama: Another recommended art (F)stop is Texas lensman Jay Rusovich%26rsquo;s show, in collaboration with philanthropic lady Carolyn Farb at Samuel Lynne Galleries. The pair creates a compelling series of photographic vignettes that signal a new, softer direction in Rusovich%26rsquo;s image-making (January 14 %26ndash;%26nbsp;February 18) ... A new-on-our-radar Dragon Street destination: Cohn Drennan Contemporary makes some raucous noise in the Design District. Investigate a fabulous duo of installationists in %26ldquo;Sublimation Simulacrum,%26rdquo; which serves up solos for Angel Fernandez and Kit Reisch. Dallas-born Reisch returns from residencies in Seoul and Prague to challenge us, while Fernandez, a Tarrant County College professor of art, plans to cook up some surprises that involve fabric and sewing (January 14 %26ndash; February 18) ... Speaking of provocateurs, NYC-based it-artist Rob Pruitt come to the Dallas Contemporary to concoct his most ambitious exhibition ever. You%26rsquo;ve gotta love glitter panda painting! Concurrently, check out Dutch master David Jablonowski%26rsquo;s new play on sculpture, which subverts the concept of the traditional museum take on a chunk of bronze or marble plopped on a stand. Then it%26rsquo;s wheatpaste, spray paint and collage in a full-on series of poster imagery by Austin-based street talent Failure (all exhibitions, through March 18).

Get on the Bus: CADD, aka Contemporary Art Dealers Dallas, enacts two clever events that are artful and insider-y. First, gear up for the Bus Tour of notable member spaces on Saturday, January 14: Plush Gallery, 500X, Photographs Do Not Bend and more (secure your seat at End the month with a CADD Mystery Dinner. We%26rsquo;re intrigued: Eat Your Art Out, Saturday, January 28 (tickets, also


Jay Rusovich%26rsquo;s Engaged, 2011, at Samuel Lynne Galleries. Photo courtesy Deborah Colton Gallery, Houston.

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