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Painters Progress: How does it get better than this? At Conduit Gallery, it%26rsquo;s a trifecta of Texas%26rsquo; adroit and most original painters. Joe Mancuso motors in from Houston to showcase his continued nuanced obsession with the blossom; this is floral painting like you%26rsquo;ve never seen. On other Conduit walls, Dallas-based Ludwig Schwarz mounts a suite of lush six-by-six-foot paintings that are sure-footed and bold takes on patterned abstraction. Then Austin newcomer Erin Curtis takes over the project room, experimenting with un-stretched canvases that suggest the textiles of today%26rsquo;s India, offering an ode to her 2009 Fulbright Scholarship destination.

A Big Biennial + Texas%26rsquo; Original International Fair: Turn to these pages next month for a preview of spring%26rsquo;s most intriguing art trends and topics, plus insider conversations with the game-changing gallerists of the Dallas Art Fair 2012 (Preview Gala Thursday, April 12; Fair days Friday %26ndash; Sunday, April 13 %26ndash; 15) %26hellip; Meanwhile, photo denizens are encouraged to plan a trip to Houston for March%26rsquo;s major international biennial, FotoFest. Russia is the topic, and power players including Dasha Zhukova and Roman Abramovich are involved (March 16 %26ndash; April 29) ... Dallas Art Fair co-founder Chris Byrne has been busy in the months leading up to that convergence, curating not only the Fair but also other exciting endeavors. He organized a 2011 solo for abstract painter Charles Andresen at up-and-coming NYC Chelsea gallery Guided by Invoices that garnered a recent Artforum review by international critic Barry Schwabsky, followed by another worthy exhibition: Erik and Martin Demaine%26rsquo;s creased, curved sculptures up now at Guided by Invoices. The MoMA-collected duo (Erik is a MacArthur %26ldquo;Genius%26rdquo; Grant recipient/MIT professor; his dad, Martin, is a glass artist) serve up an absolutely fascinating take on computational origami (through March 3).

Image: Ludwig Schwarz's Untitled, 2007-2008, at Conduit Gallery

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