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Indelible Image: In 150-plus years of photojournalism, a handful of images fall under the label unforgettable. Among these is Steve McCurry%26rsquo;s Afghan Girl, 1984, which originally graced the cover of the June 1985 issue of National Geographic. See this storied photograph that documents the flight of a young Afghan refugee in the wake of the 1980s Soviet invasion, along with more of McCurry%26rsquo;s compelling global portfolio, at Laura Rathe Fine Art (through June 22). Also available from the Robert Capa Gold Medal winner will be his 2009 Phaidon volume, The Unguarded Moment.

Mad for Macrodons: Billy Zinser %26mdash; toy-maker, sculptor, painter, creator of the %26uuml;ber-inflatable Macrodon %26mdash; is back for a return engagement at The Public Trust. This time, the Dallas-based mastermind considers the diminutive, so prepare for small-scale paintings, measuring 5-by-5 inches, which replicate the size of one of his desk-sized Macrodon sculptures. Attend the opening in conjunction with the second annual East Dallas Gallery Day Saturday, June 1, noon to 8 pm (Zinser reception 6 to 9 pm, exhibition through July 6; for more East Dallas dealer lineups, %26hellip; The Design District gallerists also get in on the action, rolling out their own day-to-evening art trek Saturday, July 29, noon to 8 pm (info

Poignant and Presidential: At the Dallas Museum of Art, %26ldquo;Hotel Texas: An Art Exhibition for the President and Mrs. John F. Kennedy%26rdquo; showcases the masterworks installed at the president%26rsquo;s suite, room 850, Hotel Texas (now the Hilton Fort Worth), where JFK and Jackie spent the final night before his fateful trip to Dallas. The surprising %26lsquo;60s-era hotel-room installation was curated by a tony group of local art collectors to showcase the riches in their town. For the first time since 1963, canvases, sculptures and works on paper by van Gogh, Franz Kline, Charles Russell and Marsden Hartley, as well as Thomas Eakin%26rsquo;s great Swimming (1885) from the collection of the Amon Carter Museum of American Art, are brought together from that installation, signifying the importance of art to the first couple as well as the citizens of Dallas-Fort Worth. Archival photographs, video and other materials never before shown offer an ode to Camelot%26rsquo;s president and first lady on the 50-year anniversary of JFK%26rsquo;s assassination (through September 15 at the DMA; traveling to the Amon Carter October 12, 2013 %26ndash; January 12, 2014).

Secrets of the Andes: Mid-month, the Kimbell Art Museum unfurls only the second exhibition ever about the ancient Andean civilization the Wari (circa 600 to 1000 AD and the predecessors to the Incans). Wari art and artifacts promise to wow and astound with their modernist affinities; as was the case with the Quilts of Gee%26rsquo;s Bend, 20th-century New York painters weren%26rsquo;t the first ones enamored of hard-edged geometric abstraction (June 16 %26shy;%26ndash; September 8). Then calendar this date: Wednesday, November 27, for the reveal of the Renzo Piano-designed new pavilion for the Kimbell %26mdash; a big, big architecture story watched worldwide.

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