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It%26rsquo;s the heart of the fall season. While the brash and bold Texas Contemporary Fair comes to town, other offerings are more nuanced. Don%26rsquo;t overlook the small splendors of West Coast talent Rachel Phillips%26rsquo; mail art, made from letters from the past, some dating to the 19th century, at Catherine Couturier Gallery (through October 19) %26hellip; Speaking of works on paper, collage is all the rage. Meanwhile, concurrent with the Guggenheim survey of Robert Motherwell%26rsquo;s pioneering modernist collages, McClain Gallery mounts its own view of the mighty Motherwell%26rsquo;s way with the art of collaged papers (October 12 %26ndash; November 16), alongside a special collage show pop-up organized by NYC gallerist Pavel Zoubok %26hellip; End of month, Howard Sherman goes 3-D and adds collage to his canvases at McMurtrey Gallery (October 26 %26ndash; November 30), while Laura Rathe Fine Art serves up Don Morris%26rsquo; exuberant collaged comic strips, as well as Paul Rousso%26rsquo;s pop-inflected mixed media sculpture (October 26 %26ndash; November 27) %26hellip; Just in: artist Carlisle Vandervoort is leading the charge as co-producer of a cinematic documentary on the life and times of Texas political rabble-rouser Molly Ivins, with Sundance as executive producer. Fund-raising is underway on the film, which is expected to complete in the spring of 2015 %26hellip; Celebrate 65 years of the most cutting-edge art at the Contemporary Arts Museum Houston%26rsquo;s painting show, %26ldquo;Outside the Lines,%26rdquo; a museum-wide look at new directions in abstract painting that opens 65 years to the day that the CAMH unveiled its first show %26mdash; Thursday, October 31, with a wild Halloween-costumed reception with PaperCity as media sponsor (through March 23). Watch our November issue for the controversies and shows that defined the CAMH%26rsquo;s seven decades %26mdash; an exclusive culled by digging deep into the museum%26rsquo;s archives %26hellip; Lensman David Jay%26rsquo;s SCAR Project makes a timely arrival at Gremillion %26amp; Co. Fine Art to raise awareness about breast cancer (October 17 %26ndash; 28), sponsored by Pink Ribbons Project; for more, %26hellip; The catalytic Kerry Inman curates a smart overview of Texas talents who employ photography, up now at important dual art spaces FotoFest and Houston Center for Photography in %26ldquo;Moving/Still.%26rdquo; Inman highlights a dozen smart lens protagonists who probe paradoxes between the built and natural environment (through December 7) %26hellip; Have you been to The Brandon yet? Dan Fergus%26rsquo; reborn gallery, next to Brasil, is led by the oddly brilliant Cody Ledvina. We%26rsquo;re covering its loosely organic scene and happenings next month. For more art topics and the latest tweets, follow @PaperCityCA.

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