Art Notes

Triple Play: Fall has a surreal feel, best mirrored in Misty Keasler%26rsquo;s moody images that marry taxidermy with elements of the other side. Debuting her new body of work, Keasler departs (for this one show only) from her hometown gallery PDNB to show with The Public Trust, the Deep Ellum space owned and curated by her husband, Brian Gibb. The vignettes, which star little deer, are equal parts vulnerability and enigma (through November 16) %26hellip; Have you experienced MAP, Janeil Engelstad%26rsquo;s global quest for meaning in the art world? Her endeavor interjects social practice into the art realm in a way that is vital and memorable. For the complete list of MAP projects and participants %26mdash; including environmental pioneers The Harrisons and the shamanistic Susan Plum %26mdash; peruse (through November 24) %26hellip; George Tobolowsky, the master of machinations with metal who employs found objects with guts and glory, solos in a multi-ton survey at the The Regional Arts %26amp; Humanities Council in Texarkana, which rolls out all the stops to honor our own Mr. T (through December 14). It%26rsquo;s worth the drive to Arkansas. While you%26rsquo;re there, stop by my favorite new museum anywhere in the world (at least until the new Kimbell addition opens): Crystal Bridges in Bentonville, an ode to American art both grand and intimate. For more art topics, follow me on Twitter @PaperCityCA.

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