Art Notes

Upstairs/Downstairs: From pulsating street art to the annals of American art, it%26rsquo;s high and low during November. First up, see two expat 18th-century painters, in the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston%26rsquo;s %26ldquo;American Adversaries: West and Copley in a Transatlantic World,%26rdquo; organized by MFAH curator Emily Ballew Neff. This tour de force rewrites the field as it examines the intense rivalry between John Singleton Copley and Benjamin West, two masters of the romantic historical gesture. Don%26rsquo;t miss the two heroic canvases that are in the canons of Art History 101 (through January 20) %26hellip; Head to Peveto for Houston artist Daniel Anguilu%26rsquo;s stained-glass painting for the streets. Anguilu%26rsquo;s art-making was last seen at the Station Museum%26rsquo;s farewell show. Now he%26rsquo;s back, on Colquitt, in a beautiful, gritty view (through December 7) %26hellip; Howard Sherman is showcased at his Gallery Row dealer, with explosive new work that marries collage and paint handling with a baroque sense of space. Catch %26ldquo;Metaphysical Batman%26rdquo; (Sherman always has the best titles) at McMurtrey Gallery (through November 27).

Bring the Popcorn: Houston Cinema Arts Festival unveils year cinq. I%26rsquo;m most excited about a documentary directed by John Carrithers of Carrithers Studio, showcasing 50 years of the Houston Ballet, from its beginnings around the Ballet Russes to today%26rsquo;s avant-garde troupe (screening Sunday, November 10, 4 pm, at MFAH; complete lineup, %26hellip; Another highlight is Venice Biennale-exhibited nonagenarian Jonas Mekas in Cinema on the Verge and concurrently at Deborah Colton Gallery (November 9 opening, November 10 talk; through December 28).

Passport: Isabella Court mainstay Inman Gallery brings in the latest and greatest talents from the Leipzig school in %26ldquo;Lokalkolorit (Local Color)%26rdquo; (November 1 %26ndash; January 3) %26hellip; At Asia Society Texas Center, Night Market inaugurates its next duo of exhibitions, bringing a textured sense of diversity, flavors and traditions. (Free Thursday, November 7; both shows through February 9).

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