Apollo 15 flown Command Module Rescue arrow up for auction

This month RR Auction’s installment of its Space & Aviation series features an incredible array of space collectibles, highlighted by Apollo hardware, astronaut autographs, and mission-flown artifacts. The online offering contains more than 400 items with online bidding through April 18, 2019. Among the highlights is an amazing flown bright yellow “Rescue” arrow from the hatch of the Apollo 15 Command Module ‘Endeavour,’ which was applied over the capsule’s exterior Kapton foil covering. The arrow pointed to the panel used to gain access to the spacecraft’s cabin from the outside, which would have been used in case of emergency. It has a distinctive and unique burn pattern due to the high temperature of re-entry into the Earth’s atmosphere and is clearly photo-matched to the photos taken of the Command Module aboard the USS Okinawa after Pacific Ocean recovery

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