ANR Loves: The Moft Z Sit-Stand Laptop Desk

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Sit, stand, or lounge on the couch? How we get cozy with our laptops is a personal choice that can determine the efficiency of a work session. Anyone who spends a full day staring at a screen knows that rarely does one position suffice. The key to eliminating body aches or boredom: a workstation that offers flexibility.

That’s where the Moft Z Sit-Stand Laptop Desk comes in. Sleek and portable, this laptop stand can be adjusted to position your OS at numerous heights and angles. Made of PU leather, it features numerous flaps and tabs that fit together in various ways to form sturdy supports for any machine weighing up to 22 pounds. When you need to stretch your legs, unfold the stand to form a Z-shaped tower that can be placed on a desk to lift your laptop up 10 inches—a comfortable height for typing for most people. All joints lean into each other to lock in place and create a platform that is impressively sturdy. Need to rest? Switch to sitting mode, which supports your screen at an angle: choose from 25˚, 35˚, 45˚, and 60˚ (the last being ideal for tablets). Don’t worry: a small fold-out tab prevents your device from sliding down the incline. We find that we can even use this stand without a desk, when sitting comfortably on the couch.

There’s a bit of a learning curve to the Moft Z, with its bendy components and cutout panels (the product draws inspiration from origami), but the package includes clearly illustrated diagrams, and you can also watch videos on YouTube. It definitely took us a few minutes to figure out the standing position, but it’s been smooth sailing since.

At nearly 2 pounds, the stand is a touch heavier than we would like, and it does add noticeable weight to your bag when you carry it. However, it folds flat to a sleek ½-inch panel that can be slipped into a tote, and its heft does give you a sense of security when it’s at its tallest—especially if you are typing away at lightspeed.

With a price tag of $70, the Moft Z is an excellent cost-effective solution for anyone who doesn’t have the budget (or space) for a standing desk, or digital nomads with multiple workplaces (hello, artists!). Plus, it doesn’t hurt that it’s attractive, and comes in four colors to suit your personality, from minimal black to eye-catching orange.

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