Andrew Gbur presents a brand new group of paintings at Team

Team (gallery, inc.) announces a solo show of work by American painter Andrew Gbur. The exhibition will take place at our 83 Grand Street location from 14 January through 28 February 2016. Concurrently, the 47 Wooster Street space will house a solo exhibition by Alex Bag. For his New York debut with Team, Andrew Gbur presents a brand new group of paintings. The artist pares down familiar images to two or three opaque shades, applied contiguously in cartographic blocks. While the resultant pieces are recognizably depictive, the acts of isolation, visual reduction and repetition void their subject matter of its wonted semantic content. While past exhibitions have been limited to a single repeated subject, the artist’s driving concern with seriality manifests here as a network of motifs and themes, endowing the exhibition with a discernable rhythmicity. The works

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