And the winner is”¦

This year’s Edith Baker Art Scholarship was awarded to Brookhaven College art student Brian Hauser. In addition to receiving a $4,000 scholarship, Hauser may obtain a mentorship and an internship with a DADA member.

What started as a hobby quickly turned into more. Hauser first took a couple of Printmaking course to fill out his schedule, but it quickly became the focus of his studies.

Hauser began his art education at the Art Institute of Dallas where he received an Associate’s Degree in Visual Communication in 1997. Then, in 2008 he enrolled in Brookhaven College to take a few Continuing Education classes. Later he decided to take courses for credit. Hauser will complete his final semester at Brookhaven College this fall and plans on attending Arizona State University in 2011.

The finalists were Francisco Alvarado of Brookhaven, Suzan Hawkins and Mary Thomas of Cedar Valley, Thien Ho and Antony Sarelli of Eastfield, Gonzalo Trujillo and Caitlin Ramsey of Mountain View, Christopher Gonzalez and Pavlina Panova of North Lake, Zachariah Montoya and Robert David Reedy of Richland, and Raymond Butler and Janet Aguirre of El Centro.

The jury included Kevin Vogel, Kenneth Craighead, Edith Baker, Marcie Inman, Sue Flynn and Lisa Taylor. DADA thanks Eddy Rawlinson and Marcie Inman for coordinating the exhibition.

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