Ancient art collection goes to Emory

The Michael C. Carlos Museum announced a centennial gift from the Georges Ricard Foundation of the Senusret Collection, one of the most extensive collections of ancient Egyptian and Near Eastern objects to be donated to a U.S. museum. The Senusret Collection is named after the workman’s village Hetep-Senusret in Fayum, Egypt, which was home to the laborers who built the pyramid of pharaoh Senusret II. The collection is composed of approximately 1,500 objects from the ancient world with highlights such as Late Period coffins with mummies, gilded funerary masks, finely crafted bronze statuettes of deities, exquisite New Kingdom relief stele, Iranian Luristan bronzes, Near Eastern cylinder seals, ancient gold jewelry, and a collection of ancient glass. The Senusret Collection was assembled by French businessman Georges Ricard in the 1970s. On June 2, 1975, the Senusret Collection opened to great fanfare as the Museum

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