American artist Wyatt Kahn’s second exhibition with Xavier Hufkens opens in Brussels

Xavier Hufkens announced the opening of American artist Wyatt Kahn’s second exhibition with the gallery. The presentation focuses on a new series of works in milled lead and oil-based pigment, which are shown alongside compositions in natural canvas and a group of related drawings. This not only gives an overview of the interrelated nature of Kahn’s practice but also highlights new developments in his on-going exploration of the dialogue between painting and sculpture. At first glance, Wyatt Kahn’s works in lead and oil stick form a striking visual contrast to the canvas constructions with which he established his reputation. Yet despite the obvious material and chromatic differences, the two bodies of work are closely related. They are even constructed in an identical fashion: shaped wooden frames are wrapped in pliable materials, be it canvas or lead. In terms of their manufacture and wall-mounted

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