About The Dallas Art Dealers Association (DADA)

The Dallas Art Dealers Association (DADA) is an affiliation of established, independent gallery owners and not-for-profit art organizations in the Dallas metropolitan area.

DADA serves as a standard bearer for ethical practices in the art business, an educational resource for the community at large and as the facilitator of Edith Baker Art Scholarship and Artist Career Development Fund that provides funding for visual art students. The Dallas Art Dealers Association, organized in 1985 by June Mattingly of Mattingly Baker Gallery, is a 501(c)(6) organization.

Like the Art Dealers Association of America, membership in DADA is by invitation of the board of directors. In order to qualify for membership, a dealer or non-profit space must have an established reputation for honesty, integrity and professionalism among their peers, and must make a substantial contribution to the cultural life of the community by offering works of high aesthetic quality and presenting worthwhile exhibitions. DADA is dedicated to promoting the highest standards of ethical practice within the profession and to increase public awareness of the role and responsibilities of reputable art dealers and non-profit visual art spaces.

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