A New Perspective, Raymond Butler

Max Powers, Raymond Butler

Expired Oil, Raymond Butler

Whether it his for his artwork or his plans for the future, El Centro art student Raymond Butler is always thinking of new ideas.

He soaks up new perspectives and incorporates those into his art as well as what he would like to contribute to the Dallas art scene. Butler admits that his over-active imagination plays a large role in this.

”œI’m constantly thinking — always, ”œ Butler says. ”œI zone out and my mind takes the wheel and drives me everywhere. I try and control it by concentrating on one subject, but my mind will give me different perspectives.”

This process allows Butler to create surreal, eye-catching images.

He says what might be considered a ”œserious concept then gets filtered through my mind into my imagination and shoved out on canvas.”

Recently, Butler has begun to work with musical instruments, which often cause his musician friends to wonder.

”œThe instruments are working before I cut them with a hand-saw. It kinda makes me feel like a mad scientist,” Butler says. ”œA lot of my musician friends freak-out about it. But, when they see the outcome they like it.”

As for his future, Butler is brainstorming ways to promote and nurture, not only, his work but the work of other artists.

”œI sincerely want to make a difference in the Dallas art community, but I think the best way to do so would be to travel to different places, soaking up new ideas, and putting these ideas into action here,” Butler says. ”œThere’s lots of room to blossom here and I want to help plant the seeds that would assist artists in getting to the next level.”

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