A kinetic sculptural installation by Bay Area environmental artist Ned Kahn

The Contemporary Jewish Museum debuts an original kinetic sculpture, Negev Wheel, created by famed environmental artist and sculptor Ned Kahn (b. 1960, Connecticut). A resident of the Bay Area for over thirty years, Kahn is well known for creating installation works at the intersection of art and science that explore, mimic, and play with phenomena found in nature, such as the massive wind installation Firefly on the north fa├žade of San Francisco’s Public Utilities Commission building, and for his many years as a designer of several of the Exploratorium’s most popular displays. Flowing water, fog, sand, air currents, and light are his media, and with them, he creates artworks that allow viewers to observe and interact with the complex, continually changing, and often invisible forces of nature. Negev Wheel is a colossal steel disk, twenty feet in diameter,

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