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Houston’s New Ambitious Italian Restaurant Is a Dallas Import With Plenty of Pizzazz — Il Bracco Makes a Post Oak Statement

Have you been to the Dallas restaurant import that has been bustling since the day it threw open its doors in Houston earlier this August? Il Bracco, the Italian-inspired restaurant first launched in Dallas’ Park Cities neighborhood in 2019, just opened its second location overall and first Houston spot at the corner of San Felipe … Continued

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Houston Preservationists Push For This Mid-Century Modern Marvel to be Saved — The Story of 503 Timber Terrace Road

In searching for your next landing pad, if mid-century modern is your preferred architectural style and you are the least bit preservation minded, this 1955 dwelling in the Memorial area could be your ticket to living happily ever after. Consider the vital elements — numerous glass walls, interior walls of masonry brick and stone, a … Continued

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Getaway, Known for Tiny, Off-the-Grid Cabins, Debuts Its First-Ever General Store in Texas Hill Country

When Getaway’s chic, tiny cabins first arrived in Texas in 2019, I absconded to the woods for a little R&R. I diligently tucked my phone into its lock box (resisting the urge to Instagram), enjoyed a hike or two, and wrapped myself up in a marshmallowy bed to look pensively out the window. In all … Continued

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Buzzy Dallas Chocolate Shop Moves Into Houston — Kate Weiser Is Bringing Her Wonders to River Oaks District

Move over luxe Araya Chocolates and Cacao & Cardamom. A chichi Dallas chocolatier is coming to Houston’s River Oaks District in October, bringing her own brand of hand-painted gourmet chocolates, a preserve of seasonal delights and what promises to be the craziest bonbon shop on the planet. Get ready for Kate Weiser Chocolate. The Dallas … Continued

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NYC Is Asking Artists For Proposals To Decorate Garbage Trucks (But Not Paying Them?)

Its inaugural edition happened in 2019, when four artists and students in a visual arts class were selected to cover the 400-square-foot blank “canvases” with images of sanitation workers, recycling, and flowers. Almost 100 artists applied, and Sanitation Commissioner Kathryn Garcia at the time called the designs “truly … works of art.” – Hyperallergic

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Puerto Rican rapper Residente is challenging the definition of America

Puerto Rican musician Residente is gearing up for his biggest fight yet – challenging the meaning of America.

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A Compelling Takedown Of The Creation Museum

We already have abundant material rebutting creationism on scientific grounds, but the Trollingers explicitly refrain from discussing the science. What they do instead is much more interesting. In an extended and detailed analysis, they apply the Museum’s own criteria to the Museum’s own display. It does not fare well. – 3 Quarks Daily

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J.K. Rowling’s new book, about a transphobe who faces wrath online, raises eyebrows

In The Ink Black Heart, a popular cartoonist is harassed and killed after her work is criticized as transphobic. Observers say the plot mirrors Rowling's experience, though she calls it a coincidence.

(Image credit: Tolga Akmen/AFP via Getty Images)

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How A Book Goes From Idea To Bookstore

How does a debut novel go from a “very messy” draft on a writer’s desk to a published book, on display in bookstores around the country? – The New York Times

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Was Rachmaninoff Really A Radical?

One aspect of Rachmaninoff’s legacy that deserves greater scrutiny is his peculiar resonance with early-twentieth-century American pop music. George Gershwin, the son of Russian immigrants, could not have composed “Rhapsody in Blue” without the example of the Rachmaninoff concertos. – The New Yorker

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