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Giant Immersive Art Comes To The Vegas Strip

The 17,000-square-foot space features “The Gallery: Mona Lisa’s Perception,” featuring six digital versions of the “Mona Lisa,” hanging in one room. At first, they appear to be replicas of the famous painting, but when you stand before them, they come alive, displaying lively LED art. – Las Vegas Weekly

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Mo Willems’ naked mole rats owe their rock ‘n’ roll sound to this composer

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YouTube Has Spawned A Crop Of Media Critics

“They almost certainly see themselves as comedians, not media critics, but they haven’t hesitated to judge the content they discuss. They cover an arena influential among young people but sometimes ignored by traditional media. Knowingly or not, they have begun teaching their audiences media criticism.” – The New York Times Magazine

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Indoor Farming Innovators to Open Their Newest Farm in Arlington — Bowery’s Produce Revolution Hits North Texas

Indoor farming powerhouse Bowery Farming started from the ground up (literally) in 2015 with its New York City debut. Now, the pioneer in vertical farming is preparing to open its first Texas farm. The next Bowery indoor farm is set for South Cooper Street in Arlington. The greens grower will deliver fresh produce through e-commerce … Continued

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Over-55 Americans Will Soon Outnumber Those Under 18. New Study Explores Their Engagement With Art

The survey compared responses by older adults to those under 55, and while there were definitely differences, the interests of the two groups often aligned quite closely. – Artnet

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How Dishes Became A Canvas For Propaganda

Stocks of unpainted, snow-white china became a tantalising canvas for avant-garde artists keen to express their utopian ideologies and rouse enthusiasm for the new socialist era, giving this delicate, bourgeois material an unexpected, almost contradictory, second life. – BBC

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Is Taika Waititi Maybe A Little Bit, Er, Workaholic?

“His runaway résumé is also a sign of how difficult Waititi finds it to say no. And if you wonder how anyone can possibly balance so many demanding projects, rest assured Waititi is asking himself these same questions.” – The New York Times

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Does Junk Media Rot Your Brain?

The underlying logic of brain-rot, a messy mutual entanglement between brain and culture, endures. In particular, the idea that lower, popular forms of culture might dangerously intermingle with the physical structures of the brain is remarkably persistent. – Psyche

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Is There About To Be A Labor Dispute At The Alvin Ailey Company?

The contract between Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater and its dancers’ union expires this week, and there’s no new agreement in sight.  The union is asking for an increase from 35 to 42 paid weeks per year and to bring salaries up to those at comparable companies. – The Arts Fuse

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CWA Picks: Summer 2022

Vlada Ralko, Lviv Diary No. 020, 2022, ink and watercolor on paper, 11.5 x 8.5 inches, ©Vlada Ralko, courtesy of Voloshyn Gallery and Fridman Gallery

Exhibitions and Scholarship Selected by the Committee on Women in the Arts (CWA)  

If trauma names the psychic impact of damaging events, it also points to the possibility of... | Read More

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