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Fort Worth’s Best Breweries — 12 Top Spots For Beers, Food, and Ambiance

As Fort Worth has grown, Cowtown has quickly upped the number of great breweries in the city. Whether you’re gathering with friends or going on a first date, these Fort Worth hangouts are great to relax and try new beers. A lot of them also offer their own food menu, host food trucks on-site, or … Continued

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TV Takes TikTok To Create A Dance Show

… a TikTok-style dance challenge. The kind that creators on the app are known for filming in their bedrooms, pajamas optional. – The New York Times

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Australian Fashion Power Opens in River Oaks District With Flirty Fashions and Zodiac Designs — Zimmermann is Here

Fashion shopping online is, of course, convenient but little can beat the in-the-store, hands-on, trying-on experience. You can feel the fabrics and see exactly how a particular cut will fit without all the shipping back and forth. Thus, we celebrate the arrival of iconic Australian fashion house Zimmermann in River Oaks District. Yes, Zimmermann is … Continued

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Jacob’s Pillow Rebuilds And Recreates

The Ted Shawn Theater is now open again for business, half of its exterior wood weathered and historical-looking, the other half clean and new. (The second theater has not yet been rebuilt.) – The New York Times

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The Next Generation Of Gig-Share Is Worker Co-ops

“Platform co-ops offer a more democratic and equitable alternative to traditional companies, and they have the potential to create good jobs, boost local economies, and increase resilience in the face of future shocks.” – Wired

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Showy New Fort Worth Neighborhood Brings a $3.49 Million Dream House With All the Perks — Inside a Montrachet Wonder

Fort Worth’s newest enclave is already producing some real show-stopper estates. Montrachet is the sister development of the well-established Montserrat neighborhood. It encompasses some 245 acres amongst a 75-year-old pecan orchard, and is situated conveniently at the juncture of Fort Worth, Aledo and Benbrook. When the Montrachet development was first revealed in 2019, as reported …... | Read More

Hells Angels figurehead Sonny Barger dies at 83

Barger's death was announced on his Facebook page late Wednesday.

(Image credit: Robert Houston/AP)

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Love Wordle? Here’s The Art World Version

One of the latest “Wordle” copycats challenges players not with letters, but with images plucked from the National Gallery of Art. – Washington Post

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8 books to enjoy at the beach this summer

From light romance and short fiction to thrillers, here's a list of books that are perfect companions as you retreat to the beach or pool to catch a break from the summer heat.

(Image credit: Berkley)

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We Live In The Golden Age Of Scams

If COVID-19 has been an X-ray of society’s fracture points, scammers have not only looked at the film but pressed on the wounds. Since the start of the pandemic, both prophylactic and postexposure measures have been rife with fraud. – Harper’s

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