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‘Succession’ recap: That (disastrous) meeting could have been an e-mail

Kendall crashes a meeting at Waystar Royco and upsets a delicate stalemate between himself and Shiv. Tom comes up with a new strategy, Greg doesn't get a watch, and the FBI is at the door.

(Image credit: Macall Polay/HBO)

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Jazz Autumn: Returns, galas and even awards

If all “jazz” shares a single trait, it’s that nothing will stifle it. Adjusting to covid-19

Ari Brown greets fan at Hyde Park Jazz Festival; photo by Michael Jackson for Chicago Reader

strictures, Chicago (just for instance) in the past two months has been site of:

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Dominique Sachse Enjoys a Touching Goodbye Party Filled with Love, Laughter, Tears and a Mom’s Sweet Words

The night before her final newscast on KPRC Channel 2, Dominique Sachse was royally fêted by colleagues, friends and family in a sendoff hosted by Steak 48 in Houston’s River Oaks District. While the evening marked the end of 28 years on the small screen, it also marked the beginning of new adventures for the … Continued

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How The Humanities Make Better Thinkers

Henry Adams once wrote that “nothing in education is more astonishing than the amount of ignorance it accumulates in the form of inert facts.” Literature shows us how to animate facts, and still more how to make them cooperate, to work and dance together toward revelation. – The American Scholar

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The video game platform Roblox says it’s back online after outage

The California company said it was back online on Sunday evening after a multiday outage.

(Image credit: Leon Keith/AP)

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K-Pop Is Big. So It’s Getting Its Own 20,000-seat Arena

Backed by CJ Live City, a subsidiary of Korean entertainment conglomerate CJ ENM, the venue is designed for mega-scale concerts with 20,000 indoor seats, and capacity for a further 40,000 outdoors. It is scheduled to open in 2024. – Variety

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Whitney Houston Is Back. Singing! Dancing! Are These DeepFake Holograms Creepy Or Cool?

The show in many ways shatters the norms of techno-illusion. A two-minute deep fake is one thing. The dead dancing for us is another. – Washington Post

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The Dance That Didn’t Get Made During Lockdown (Sorta)

Choreographer Madeline Hollander has brought together New York City dancers, from big and small companies and from Broadway shows, and given them a task: to perform choreography that was canceled or postponed during the pandemic. – The New York Times

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Ai Wei Wei On Being Ai Wei Wei

Ai’s trajectory is impossible to understand without knowing about his late father, Ai Qing. Regarded as one of China’s greatest poets, Ai Qing was a leftwing hero, having been imprisoned in 1932 for his links to communism. – The Guardian

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Ado Campeol, the man known as the ‘father of tiramisu,’ has died

Although his restaurant has been credited as the birthplace of the popular Italian dessert, it was actually Campeol's wife and one of Le Beccherie's chefs that apparently invented it.

(Image credit: Marco Secchi/Getty Images)

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