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Ming Smith

In 1979, Ming Smith dropped off a portfolio of eighteen photographs in response to an open call at New York’s Museum of Modern Art. A few days later, the institution bought two images: a hand-colored ... | Read More

Slavs and Tatars

For nearly fifteen years, the collective Slavs and Tatars have been producing installations, sculptures, performative talks, and publications that address the relationship between language and the ... | Read More

September 2021

... | Read More

Jen Bervin

A subtle question asks itself not in words but as a feeling, a disquiet amplified over time, when an artwork takes root in the mind and the imagination grasps a difficult lesson: that an ethics is ... | Read More

Jennifer Bartlett

The dichotomous tension between abstraction and representation is as important today as it was a century ago. The polarity is particularly rich in painting, where the construct tests relations between ... | Read More

Hardy Hill

There were many naked young men, rendered with astonishing craftsmanship, in Hardy Hill’s solo exhibition “Almost Blind Like a Camera.” But they were not exactly exciting. The majority of Hill’s taut ... | Read More

Leda Catunda and Alejandra Seeber

In the wake of lockdowns and other restrictions, “Alejandra Seeber / Leda Catunda: Fuera de serie” (One of a Kind) opened a year late. A highly anticipated project of transnational scope, the joint ... | Read More

Louis Vuitton

... | Read More

Alex Hay

In 1959, Alex Hay came to New York. He hung out at Max’s Kansas City, sipped whiskey at Robert Rauschenberg’s dining table, married dancer Deborah Hay (née Goldensohn), and appeared in “9 Evenings,” ... | Read More

Mark Grotjahn

... | Read More
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