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Swiss Ballet School Fires Director And Manager, Suspends All Classes

An investigation reveals psychological abuse, abuse of power, nepotism, and “serious pedagogical dysfunctions” at the Rudra Béjart School, “leading the Board to terminate the contract of the director, Michel Gascard and his wife Valérie Lacaze, manager of the school.” (Article in French; translation available using Google Translate.) – FranceInfo

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Hollywood Producers Want A Union, Too

Can a producers’ union ever work in the biz? They need it. “More than 100 feature film producers … recently ratified the constitution for a new union they hope will provide the kind of basic healthcare, pay and protections afforded by most other unionized Hollywood workers.” – Los Angeles Times

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Could Museums Become Like Libraries?

That is, welcoming to all, free, and more a central part of public life? There’s a little problem with this idea, which former Queens Museum president and executive director Laura Raicovich pitches in a new book about politics and museums. “Museums lack ‘public spirit’ because museums are capitalist institutions,” unlike public libraries. – The Nation

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Why A Photographer Asked Her Subjects To Pose In Victorian Dress

Zimbabwe-based photographer Tamary Kudita has her contemporary subjects pose in Victorian outfits – often made with contemporary fabric, by designers – to show links between present and past, to combine the two strands of her family’s history, and to immense visual effect. She says, “There are collective identities and there are also individual and incredibly diverse... | Read More

These Young Students Learned Photography And Gained Community During The Pandemic

As the pandemic isolated students across the country, four photo programs worked to counteract that solitude. Students learned skills and documented their experiences, capturing a moment in history.

(Image credit: Stephanie Ruiz, Brianna Logan, Faith Frazier/The Remote Ally Project, Detroit; West Slope Photojournalism Workshop, Paonia High School, Paonia, Colo.)

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How Eataly Has Changed Our Understanding Of Italian Food

Eataly is not actually Italy, despite the advertising tagline. “Eataly celebrates agricultural life, but its urban stores feel miles away from a rural idyll. It champions hyper-local produce, while being wedded, not least through its name, to the idea of a national cuisine. Eataly presents itself as the whole nation in microcosm; the best of Italian cuisine, all conveniently collected... | Read More

New Research Says That Sleep Evolved Before Brains

This is an entirely new concept for many researchers. “For more than a century, researchers who study sleep have looked for its purpose and structure in the brain. They have explored sleep’s connections to memory and learning. They have numbered the neural circuits that push us down into oblivious slumber and pull us back out of it. They have recorded the telltale changes in brain... | Read More

Can The Movies Recover From The Pandemic?

Well, A Quiet Place II‘s boffo box office seems to indicate that people are sick of their living rooms and, one hopes, fully vaccinated and ready to go to the movies. – Variety

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Chi Modu, Photographer Who Shaped Rap’s Visual Identity, 5

“In the early and mid-1990s, working primarily for The Source magazine, at the time the definitive digest of hip-hop’s commercial and creative ascendance, Mr. Modu was the go-to photographer. An empathetic documentarian with a talent for capturing easeful moments in often extraordinary circumstances, he helped set the visual template for dozens of hip-hop stars. The Source was... | Read More

Biden Calls for NEA Budget Jump, U.K. Halts Export of $24.1 M. Roundel, and More: Morning Links from May 31, 2021

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PRESIDENT BIDEN HAS PROPOSED A 20 PERCENT JUMP in funding for the National Endowment for the Arts, to $201 million, in his proposed budget for the 2022 fiscal year, the New York Times reports. If approved by Congress, it would be its largest budget in... | Read More

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