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This Stunning Memorial Park Mansion Next to a Nature Preserve is Next Level Special — Inside 6040 Glencove Street

If there’s one thing to know about Laura Sweeney (and there’s much more than one), it’s this: This Compass Realtor knows the Houston market like few others, and knows how to land her clients exactly what they’re looking for. She is a true expert when it comes to River Oaks, Memorial, Tanglewood and West University … Continued

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The Winning Entries for the PaperCity Design Awards Houston 2021 Are. . .

The annual Houston PaperCity Design Awards elicited over 300 project entries from interior designers and architects in 21 categories, each reviewed and commented upon by our panel of judges: designers Alessandra Branca, Ashley Whittaker, Corey Damen Jenkins, Matthew Patrick Smyth, Tom Scheerer and architect Michael Imber. The awards celebration took place  Thursday evening, May 20, as... | Read More

Los Angeles Is The United States’ Largest City-State

Or else it’s something else. But it’s no mere city. “Los Angeles fits the city-state frame well, certainly better than it does a lot of other possibilities—if we update the model a bit. In 2010, Forbes suggested that if the criteria for a place to be considered a city-state were modernized for the 21st century, certain global capitals might qualify thanks to a few key... | Read More

The Two Women Who Preserved The Stories Of The Tulsa Race Massacre

The first, Mary E. Jones Parrish, was a relative newcomer to Tulsa when the events of May 31, 1921, went down. She was an educator, but “the massacre compelled her to become a journalist and author, writing down her own experiences and collecting the accounts of many others. Her book Events of the Tulsa Disaster, published in 1923, was the first and most visceral long-form account of... | Read More

Some Indoor Theatres Have Migrated Outside For Their First Reopening Season

The earliest decision-makers were not at all sure this was the direction to go. Ask then-newly installed interim director Shirley Serotsky at the Hangar Theatre in Ithaca – proposing something “completely new, hugely ambitious, and hardly cost-neutral” to the board was a challenge. “It took some convincing … But I did believe that it was the only way we were... | Read More

Opera Singer Adrian Angelico Says The Art Form Helped Him Come Out As Trans

Angelico specializes in trousers (or pants, in the US) roles. He says that one day, he finished a rehearsal at covent Garden and realized that he couldn’t play the role of a woman offstage anymore. “The art of opera has always had an appreciation of gender fluidity – and it allowed Adrian to perform as a man onstage before he realised that this was how he wanted to live offstage... | Read More

Summer Movie Season Roars Back, From Action-Packed Blockbusters To Biopics

Film studios have lots of enticements to get people back in theaters, now that they're back in business. We look at the art house treasures and would-be blockbusters Hollywood has in store.

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Ai Weiwei’s Thoughts On China, Colonialism, And Controversial Statues

On culture wars as a symbol of democracy: “It’s not only democracy, it’s about art as symbols of our existence. You know, whenever we talk about democracy, we’re never talking about a perfect state, but rather continuous questioning and argument. [Public monuments] are about us, about those questions, not about any authority.” – The Observer (UK)

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Newark’s Quirks: Examining the Museum’s (& Sotheby’s) Art Sale Shenanigans

In my previous post on the Newark Museum of Art’s dicey deaccessions, I didn’t analyze the overall sale totals, my customary practice when covering auctions. Here’s why: It took a while for me to assemble the information I needed, because Sotheby’s now intentionally withholds the figures that I’ve habitually relied upon to evaluate results. – Lee Rosenbaum

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One Potential Fix For That Cecil Rhodes Statue At Oxford

Turn him to face the wall in shame. That way, those who demand the statue stay get their demand met, but the implication is obvious. – The Guardian (UK)

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