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Emma McIntyre

For the inaugural show at Chris Sharp’s new, eponymous gallery, Emma McIntyre presented a lush, terrifically vital suite of abstract paintings that evoke the seasons and their elemental atmospheres. ... | Read More

“Stations of Protest”

In Lagos last October, the Nigerian Army murdered protesters denouncing police brutality and the killing of young men and women accused of criminal activity or just suspected of elitism: Did we talk ... | Read More

May 2021

... | Read More

Enrico David

For his first exhibition at Gió Marconi, Enrico David exhibited exclusively paintings and drawings, after having participated in the 2019 Venice Biennale with a focus on sculpture. Between the two shows, ... | Read More

Molly Warnock on James Bishop

IT MAY BE THE NEAREST THING to a monochrome James Bishop ever made. Closed, 1974, is just slightly smaller—by a few inches—than the six-and-a-half-foot square format the painter adopted as his standard ... | Read More

Sasha Wortzel

Sasha Wortzel’s unsettling art returns a sense of the uncanny to today’s ubiquitous images of climate collapse. Inside the entrance to this Miami Beach space, visitors encountered For those of us who ... | Read More

Peter L’Official on David Hammons’s Day’s End

“OUR STREETS ARE CALENDARS containing who we were and who we will be next,” wrote Colson Whitehead in a November 2001 essay about a New York still in the turbid wake of a different airborne cataclysm. ... | Read More

Jean Claracq

Jean Claracq paints contemporary leisure scenes with the style, technique, and skill of a Renaissance master. His subjects are not religious or royal but do represent a kind of millennial nobility. The ... | Read More

Tavia Nyong’o and Coco Romack on Ron Athey at Participant Inc

TAVIA NYONG’OIT SHOULD BE ASTONISHING that the artist Ron Athey has received his first retrospective, at New York’s Participant Inc, only now, in 2021. But the steadfast alterity of his aesthetic ... | Read More

Amber Ablett

“How should a bi-racial person with light skin express themselves about racial oppression . . . ?” asked Amber Ablett in the text for her recent show “Rehearsal for A Change Gonna Come.” This was the ... | Read More
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