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Anna Boghiguian

Anna Boghiguian tells stories. The daughter of a Cairene Armenian family, the artist—who celebrates her seventy-fifth birthday this year—has led an itinerant life: traveling between Europe, Asia, and ... | Read More

Julia Pelta Feldman on the limits of accessibility

IN AN INTERVIEW with the Sundance Institute’s Adam Piron this past November, filmmaker and video artist Sky Hopinka discussed the freedom he has found in making work for Indigenous viewers: “It’s ... | Read More

April 2021

... | Read More

Adam Curtis

Adam Curtis is a British documentary filmmaker and a journalist at the BBC. His most recent film, the six-part Can’t Get You Out of My Head: An Emotional History of the Modern World, was released on ... | Read More

Alvin Baltrop

In an interview, gender-queer author Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore declared, “If I had to choose one piece of art that has been the most damaging to urban life over the last few decades, I would choose”—wait ... | Read More

Sam McKinniss on the art of Catherine Czudej, Jean-Baptiste-Siméon Chardin, and Luke O’Halloran

THE TWENTY-FOUR-HOUR NEWS CYCLE, or whatever we’re calling it, served us roundups of reheated takes from the year being put down to rest. It had us believing our instincts that 2020 was bad, while ... | Read More

“Engraved into the Body”

Curated by Keyna Eleison and Victor Gorgulho, the group exhibition “Escrito no corpo” (Engraved into the Body) examined existence and resistance in a country where systemic violence, especially that ... | Read More

Isa Genzken

“My sculptures will be bought by the world’s most significant museums. Biographers will be writing about my work over and over, and in the end I will be amongst the greatest artists of the century”—so ... | Read More

James Casebere

It is no accident that utopian philosophers situated their ideal societies on islands, which in the imagination appear to provide both security and solitude. But if such isolation is often portrayed as ... | Read More

Julia Haft-Candell

In “Carrier Bag of Fiction” at Candice Madey, Julia Haft-Candell’s ceramic sculptures were imbued with language; they read as origin stories in a state of revision. The show was named after and inspired ... | Read More
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