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Plano’s Best Restaurants — A Top 10 Guide to the Suburb’s Extraordinary Dining Scene

Growing up near Plano, I was unaware of how spoiled I was when it came to the suburb’s dining scene. An avid patron of historic downtown Plano as a high-schooler (I was a regular at 1418 Coffee House) and now of Legacy West (a speedy drive up North Dallas Tollway), I’ve truly grown to appreciate … Continued

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Old Recordings Of Classical Masters Are Sounding Better Than Ever

“The most dramatic evolution in the classical recording industry has also been the quietest — partly because the most glamorous figures involved are long deceased.” David Patrick Stearns looks at labels specializing in historic recordings: the use of advanced technology on crackly old source material means that, for instance, “you [can even] hear what sounds like... | Read More

Tate Suspends Star Curator Over Guston Show Criticism

According to three sources close to the museum, managers took the decision to discipline Mark Godfrey, a senior curator of international art, after he raised objections on social media to the deferral of Philip Guston: Now, a major show which was due to include around 125 paintings and 70 drawings from 40 public and private collections. – The Art Newspaper

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Poland’s Hottest Rapper Walks Right Into The Culture Wars

“Taco Hemingway is a household name in Poland. One of the country’s biggest rappers, he has songs that get millions of views, and before the coronavirus hit, he filled arenas. … Over the summer, he released a track, ‘Polskie Tango’ (‘Polish Tango’), which many saw as a direct criticism of Poland’s right-wing government and [its] culture of fear. …... | Read More

Return Of ‘The Mandalorian’ (And Baby Yoda)

Season 2 of The Mandalorian on Disney+ began today. The first new episode of the rollicking space Western takes off immediately with action and new, yet familiar, characters.

(Image credit: Disney+)

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Check-In: Guided Meditation

It's a stressful week/month/year. Bestselling author Sharon Salzberg leads Ophira and Jonathan in a short guided meditation.

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Jonathan Coulton performs classic Motown songs rewritten to be about things relating to cows for comedians Dewayne Perkins and Aasia LaShay Bullock.

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The Evolution of Chelsea Handler

Comedian Chelsea Handler talks about her new HBO Max stand-up special Chelsea Handler: Evolution. Then, the New York Times bestselling author is challenged to a game about authors portrayed in film.

(Image credit: Courtesy of artist/The Lede Company )

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TV Answering Machines

Mike Albo and Amanda Duarte listen to sound clips of voicemail messages from TV shows. Please leave your answer at the beep.

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Fact Bag

French beaches. Zoom's namesake. These are the mysteries contained within that tantalizing tote known as Fact Bag. Can Mike Albo and Amanda Duarte guess the answers before time runs out?

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