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How To Hack An Opera

Inspired by ‘hacks’ in the technological sector which often brings together experts in disparate fields to work together to solve a presented problem, usually in a limited amount of time, San Diego Opera’s Opera Hack partnered participants with local universities and tech companies to come up with creative solutions to scenarios presented by San Diego Opera. Forty multi-disciplinary... | Read More

What Happened To Americans’ Inherent Belief In Goodness?

Wallace Shawn: “America’s addiction to believing in its own goodness was quietly fading away, and the old words that President Kennedy used had become increasingly nauseating to a lot of people. People were not inspired, people were not breathing in self-esteem, when they heard the old phrases. And then Donald Trump came along and was elected, and he left that rhetoric far behind. He... | Read More

Reimagining The Art Of Fluxus In 2020

“Fluxus artists looked for value in the commonplace, believing that art can be anywhere and belong to anyone. Rather than eliminating art, they sought to dissolve its boundaries in order to infuse everyday life with heightened aesthetic awareness and appreciation.” – NewMusicBox

... | Read More

With Main Exhibition Postponed, São Paulo Biennial Names Artist List for New In-Person Show

As cultural institutions in parts of Brazil begin to reopen, the Fundação Bienal de São Paulo announced that it would stage a new in-person exhibition in November that is related to its larger group biennial show postponed until next fall.

The new show, titled “Vento” (“Wind” in English), will run from November 14 to December 13 at the biennial’s traditional home, the... | Read More

New in


Byron Ellsworth Hamann discusses Chinese Porcelain in Colonial Mexico: The Material Worlds of an Early Modern Trade by Meha Priyadarshini. Read the full review at

Prita Meier discusses Unfixed: Photography and Decolonial Imagination in West Africa by Jennifer Bajorek. Read the full review at

... | Read More

Should Rimbaud And Verlaine Be Re-Interred In The Panthéon? (A Very French Contretemps)

Adam Gopnik: “Obsessing as so many are on the small niceties of American politics — i.e., the final confrontation between the forces of light and darkness on which all of humanity’s future depends — let us spare a moment’s thought for a couple of obscure French poets and their fate.” – The New Yorker

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Agnes Gund Leaves Post as MoMA PS1 Board Chair to Head Diversity Effort

Renowned philanthropist Agnes Gund, who has led the board of New York’s MoMA PS1 for the past decade, is vacating her position in order to chair the institution’s diversity, equity, and inclusion ... | Read More

Galleries Experiment With Art On Subscription

Even before the silent spring of 2020, a growing number of sellers beyond the art world had already converted to the wisdom of subscription e-commerce. After all, why force your business to secure an endless string of one-off transactions with an ever-shifting consumer base in an uncertain market if you can lock in recurring revenue with a core group of faithfully committed clients? –... | Read More

Remedios Varo’s Mystical, Surreal Paintings Continue to Captivate

Upon the sudden death of Remedios Varo in 1963, her peer André Breton noted that death made the painter “the sorceress who left too soon.” It was a fitting way of bidding goodbye to Varo, whose faith in magic, mysticism, and the power of nature inspired her fantastical, allegorical work. She died at the height of her success—her posthumous retrospective at the Museum of Modern Art... | Read More

Museum Closures Loom as France and Germany Go Back into Lockdown

Germany and France are facing another round of extended museum closures as lockdowns begin in the countries. “We have to act in order to avoid an acute national health emergency,” says German Prime Minister Angela Merkel. Read more at Art News    ... | Read More
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