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Gene Beery

Gene Beery’s life is thoroughly imbricated with his art, so to fully understand this mini-survey, a little background is in order. In the early 1960s, Beery did the New York art thing: He worked at the ... | Read More

Niele Toroni

STILL A CARRIER OF THE PAINTING VIRUS. These words, handwritten by Niele Toroni and posted near the gallery’s reception desk, greeted visitors to the artist’s recent exhibition “Un tout de différences” ... | Read More

Colby Chamberlain on the art of Park McArthur

THEORY ON TUESDAYS, guests on Thursdays. So goes the weekly rhythm of the Whitney Independent Study Program: seminars led by the program’s legendary founding director, Ron Clark, followed by sessions ... | Read More

Joe Light

Joe Light’s painting Kiera, 1989, is an undulating, almost corporeal landscape anchored by three red hills set against a light-blue sky. In the pink foreground are a trio of pronged forms that resemble ... | Read More

Erika Balsom on Tsai Ming-liang’s Days

NEARLY THIRTY YEARS of filming the same face, the same body: The old chestnut that “every fiction film is a documentary of its actors” takes on special meaning in the many works Tsai Ming-liang has ... | Read More

Jane and Louise Wilson

Artists and identical twin sisters Jane and Louise Wilson, whose collaborative career spans more than thirty years, possess a seemingly insatiable appetite for all manner of psychic, social, and ... | Read More

Emmanuel Iduma on the Kamoinge Workshop

AN UNSOLVED MYSTERY lies at the heart of Louis Draper’s artistic life. In the autumn of 1956, when he was the cameraman for his college newspaper in Petersburg, Virginia, someone left a copy of Edward ... | Read More

Jessica Wilson

An entire genre of quarantine art reflecting on the experience of isolation emerged this past summer. Jessica Wilson’s Not Normally at Rest, 2020—a suite of animated videos starring an anthropomorphized ... | Read More

Christina Catherine Martinez on “Sisi in Private”

I COLLECT WOMEN. The saved tab of my Instagram account contains—in addition to recipes, funny videos I intend to DM to crushes, and nimble axioms on wellness in pastel fonts—images of women, each ... | Read More

Serena Stevens

If the various isolative protocols necessitated by the recent lockdown have changed our relationship with the wider world, they have just as surely reshaped the ways we perceive and inhabit our own ... | Read More
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